A successful website requires marketing and relationships

recently wrote some articles about optimization, and I feel like I’ve become a SEO expert. In fact, I am simple, that is, a rookie. Not afraid of jokes, do not stand a IP over a thousand, but this does not affect me continue to write my article, as long as someone is looking at, then I wrote it is still a little meaningful.

some people, technical level is very high, but sometimes he Lenz is not understood, how to lose myself to some simply do not understand the technology in the rookie rankings, which is a blog program to defeat him, it felt very strange. Then I thought about the problem. I found the root cause of the situation.

said a very simple thing, some time ago I went to my former colleagues to help China Unicom to repair the computer, when he complained to me: "now the sales staff wages high, every day is a half day classes, but also to earn extra money in the schedule. And those of us who work in the office pay the least and have the most." On the face of it, this is unfair. It feels like doing more and taking less. In fact, if you think about it, you’ll see why this happens. Because any enterprise, the first goal is profit, and the second goal is profitable, if there are third goals, I think it is profitable. So people who deal with money, of course, take more money. This is like the above said, good technical competition, but no technology. Because you are technical, others may be economic, or a marketing expert. And isn’t SEO just opening the door to marketing,


these days, I’ve been thinking about why it’s always difficult to rank websites. After I have understood the above things, I think I may have been wrong, I used to pay too much attention to technology. And technology is an invincible hole, well, this is bad that. So I feel like I’m always busy, but I don’t do much. Of course, I don’t mean that technology isn’t important. If I don’t have some basic skills, I think my station www.key28.cn doesn’t even have a ranking now.

I would like to ask you how many people understand the technology, well, you say. Do you have technology? Yes, yes. Why not? I don’t know. Yes, I don’t know. Why not?. To tell you, no technical people are boring. Every day to engage in technical, rarely say a word, social scope is not wide. That’s a big problem. Maybe some people are not, but at least I am such a person, I always feel that plus my QQ people are asking for me, and I rarely ask others. So naturally no interest in doing emotional communication, and some people without technology, he has nothing to do, but to build a personal circle is very good, so he has a lot of human resources. As a result, he can quickly access external connections to improve his site’s ranking. If he is more like to send something valuable, such as financial people published financial point of view, it can not be, and the ranking will go up. Yes, they may not know anything, but in SEO, he >

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