Give the traffic flow of the webmaster a few suggestions

in A5 recently often see a lot of new webmaster friends are asking such a question, my site traffic is too bad. Why? How can let him up? In fact to your web site traffic is not too high, combined with own do stand experience to share, I website how to get traffic. There are many webmaster there are such doubts, in the end how to increase their site traffic,


early planning, many Webmaster Station can’t go on, the reason is because the early planning is not planned well, here are a few points for your reference.

(1): the name of the site seems to have a lot of people have not noticed yourself to your own preference for the name of the site set up, some time ago hot " non mainstream QQ space station, " do not believe that you can search, see if there is no very much of this station some webmaster, adding a few words in front of the simple that their website name is very good, actually otherwise, the name of the site is the atmosphere, is directly related to your site by the search engines, do not believe that you can do the same for the 2 stations, with a different name to compare. You will soon find out the problem. Chinese computer network, we can search, and compare the secret Oh, similar, there are many oh.

(2): the first theme of the site you have to consider is what kind of a station website before, even consider not too full, you have to put your website on to go the road to roughly sketched out, set aside a little space, allowing this revision, if can make a success, then the best one successful. Later on, don’t modify your website on a large scale, so give the search engine " spider " the impression is very bad. He will think your website is very unstable.

(3) modify the template, add columns, key words, first slightly for search engine optimization.

two early planning well, your website can be displayed, the following is the most important, if the above you did not do well, then you must do a good job

(1): after you do website content website, increased the content of the website, and the best is original, if not to modify their articles, but do not completely and others as search engines allow plagiarism, but you can not completely copy, (some friends choose CMS to collect the things people and others, on the site of a punctuation is not bad, so even if the website is search engines, over time your site has been K, this station is do not long.


website content: there is another point is that we must not add some pornographic reactionary passion video. Things like the derailment, if added, should be deleted in time, such a web site is only temporary, said bad day, there will be police uncle to find you. Stop talking about your website, >

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