A station building experience of Shanzhai station

today is GG update PR day, online check, really updated, but there has been a little abnormal situation,


is suddenly high and low, just built 2 months or so, for this although some puzzled, but also more satisfied, PR rose, we have power station,


query PR for the first time:


second query PR value diagram:


third PR diagram:


finally share my experience:

in December 2008 to apply for a domain name: 800home.cn (special means of home), the next program to collect special products, published articles.

immediately as the major search engines to submit, they are also very fit, soon included,


not a few days, think this is not fun, change procedures start navigation to finish, alas, and do a period of time, good, search engine included also changed.

and a few days feel that the navigation station too much and want to cattle B up too difficult, change the program, is a forum, or old, do a few days again, this station is now down, repeatedly found himself a failure, do more than a month, no insistence what to do good, so he determined to take the copycat station, began collecting, and are now collecting more popular articles, but to see some experienced friends say you what station is also not a breakthrough, so I started to make false original, change the title, the content. I have seen such changes, at least every article, but they do have learned something, feel a little richer than before, at least to enrich.

, let’s sum up here:

1. station position, that is to say you know which line the line to do what, don’t just imitate others see which line than


2. do in the station, one


3. content is king, do not blindly a large collection of popular articles, I see a new station "China Station Road", the large number of which are from the latest popular articles, good, very hard-working, but I to Baidu in the site, had not included a static text, understand


4. not too much traffic between, and if too concerned about this, often will let themselves very disappointed!


5. try to keep everyone at the site, and I don’t do it well, user oriented.


please webmaster tongue.

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