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in Beijing some time ago experience day, listen to the Sina Product Manager Li Chiming "more efficient information", lamented Sina for media and the dissemination of information on the deep, caught many subtle mind to single users point. He believes that micro-blog has been able to develop rapidly and become an Internet information dissemination platform can not be ignored, the key advantage is efficiency. Therefore, Sina, micro-blog’s design is also taken as the center to carry out and promote.

his speech is based on four key points of micro-blog’s information design (information acquisition, self information expression, information dissemination and information communication). Alipay as a tool based website, I focused on acquiring information content: how we can effectively convey information to the user, is convenient for users to understand and use all kinds of our products of Alipay? He has some very good points, such as: minimize the bounce rate less users, ensure smooth reading; the amount of information not more, make something of value is more easily absorbed.


copywriting is an important means of conveying information. Graphic thinking popular modern, text information is still an important part of the site.

people in the Internet age have hated reading large text, and web browsing is pretty fast. The key point of copywriting design is how to quickly convey the effective information to the target users and not cause the comprehension barrier.

I think the website copy may be divided into operation copy, product copy, operation copy.

1, operation copy is the product promotion and activity based propaganda copy. This copy requires rapid dissemination of value and innovative value, simple and eye-catching, and strive to instantly attract users eye, stimulate the desire to click.


diagram 1

. And in 2, and the last and final product copy is mainly the introduction of product function, use, help information, protocol, including website navigation, page title, web interface is one of the main body, the pursuit of rigorous, concise and logical. The following figure is the product navigation and introduction of google.


diagram 2

3, operating copy refers to the operation of the user related papers. Including control labels, operation tips, errors, status, operation results, etc.. The 3 copy provided at the wrong.


diagram 3


three are not clearly distinguishable and often appear on the same page. Sometimes a copy may also carry multiple functions, such as Figure 2 on the Google product introduction and exposition case, is the product of copy can also count the operation. < >

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