Analysis of three operational risks of local real estate network

local real estate net operating goal is clear, is ready to buy a house and decorate the house with the user, although this part of the population is relatively small, but these people are able to occupy the local consumption of total consumption into about ten, so the characteristics of small target market of local real estate network is very obvious, it is the local characteristics real estate network operations relative to the local portal is simple, but because of the huge market, profit margins have more advantages than the local portal, so in recent years, almost every small city in the county has its own local network of real estate, local real estate net no two of glory!

But the time is

to 2012, the local real estate network the scenery seems no longer since 2011, the implementation of regulation more effective today, first-tier cities real estate transaction has shown concern the freezing point, which will greatly affect the local real estate, many county local sales department Luo que, only during the Spring Festival, many people return to someone went to the sales department for simple consultation, in that real estate prices did not decline significantly after the news, it basically won’t come back! Local property downturn, naturally transmitted to the local property network, especially at the county level local property network! The following I would like to analyze the local property network has been faced with three risks!

: has opened the real estate business stronger, reduce advertising costs

is now a lot of real estate business, especially a few years ago, the opening of the real estate business, housing prices are relatively high, and sell real estate also has more than half of the possibility of such floor sales price is very low, so that some of the most real estate developers will adopt a pragmatic strategy, halt the troops and wait, on the one hand, to reduce operating costs in particular, investment in advertising, this impact for the local real estate network is very large, because the local real estate net profit model, many part is from the real estate advertising, and the game between government and real estate business is in a state of stalemate, an estimated one or two years will not be clear. And this is bound to make the local real estate net lost one or two years of advertising revenue! Therefore, this part of the risk for the vast majority of local real estate sites who need to understand and be resolved!

two: new opening almost no loss of buy and promotion profit point

and then the current real estate policy regulation of the background, many real estate business will be their own plans to step back, and even suspended the opening plan. Many of the sales ladies and gentlemen have been unemployed, local real estate is bleak, but prices remain strong, even if there is price discounts, often is the basement to No one shows any interest in the ultra low price to attract users, or just one set to make some gimmick, but ultimately is to scare consumers!

is the case, the opening of the new reduced or not, or is the director of the local real estate network to halt the troops and wait, naturally lost to help real estate developers to sell the house, this opportunity, commission what group purchase promotion information and so on, what, the target user’s attention will be reduced, because.

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