From Baidu K to Baidu was re included insights

two months before, because of my ignorance, directly change the website style caused by Baidu K, in fact the beginning also did not feel the site was plucked, then site was amazing that my home was gone, I was depressed, just included how it was pulled out the home page, and later asked friends, after he and I said just included site will be pulled out of I home, looks like a practice, I don’t know, but in terms of the amount of day by day in reducing know finally left two pages, I am mad, I am ready to shut down the garbage station last week. A friend advised me to pull in and so on, turn to do it without multiple other projects, the night before I opened Baidu site a surprise again to update my site, really very happy, even a look at statistics again There are more than 500 IP pages from one home page.

immediately feel stand and live, and seems to have not been more than before the flow of K greatly improved, I do not know what is the case, I do not know much about SEO, only know some of the most basic rules. But according to my personal situation, I have come to the conclusion that it is true that persistence is the victory. In the meantime still need to regularly update your website, the premise is not because of his cheating was K, if it want to get rid of cheating cheating stuff do a good. I used to wonder how it could be re collected by Baidu. Now it seems that time really solves the problem, and this recommendation is for reference, not necessarily for everyone.

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