How good design is born 100 things about good design on the nternet


| Yang Ying Wang Qing freelance Hu Yun | drawing Li Tingting

good design has attractive power. You’ll find that even those designs that look good can make people pay more. But the really good design is a unique perspective and wisdom, constantly correcting all kinds of loopholes in life, to provide aesthetic feeling for life, of course, can help companies shape brands. Designer Mickey ·, in the 1990 issue of the software design manifesto, said, "designers are loved because they know what people want."."

premium payment is not only the ordinary consumers, more and more companies are willing to join the design cost of their financial statements, they hire professional design consulting firm, dozens of creative team who work to buy, even willing to achieve sales profit is divided into strategic cooperation. Although the frog design (Frog), a company like Continuum told the "first Economy & Finance Weekly", their Chinese customers still hope to obtain a design scheme of instant, but there are more and more companies not only have additional properties – product design as they hope to solve the problem from the source, to make their products out of the ordinary.


Create something out of the ordinary

people, sometimes need some "why things like this" intuition: why must the heating heater exudes the smell of burning dust? Why always wear a headset line around chaos? In 1980s, the British government researcher Jane · Fulton · Su Rui (Jane Fulton Suri) for help improvement and reduce consumer use mower accident and reputation (because many people don’t know the handle and the switch to cut the toe), but she still feel regret: I always are designed to study, but the problem has occurred. Suri later met has just launched IDEO design company David · Kelly (David Kelley), and her insight into the design of research and production to the model – this is the starting point of thinking into the IDEO anthropologists.

The best example of

‘s intuitive interpretation is Steve · Jobs. IDEO, another founder, David ·, Kelly’s brother Tom ·, Kelly (Tom Kelley) first financial weekly, said: "some people follow their instincts. If you are another Steve, Just, go, ahead; but if you are not, you need some process and method." In 1990s, Samsung set up research and development centers near IDEO’s Palo headquarters in Silicon Valley, Alto, to improve the innovation process.

actually, even Jobs follows the design

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