The profit point of classified information websites and its technical analysis

The history of the development of

in the classification of information website, in the domestic market and 58 city do is more famous, is limited to the development of city line, operation and development way which I introduced the classification information of county.

I am a real estate intermediary business license, I not only have housing, and home economics, matchmaking and other classified information, said information classification is not so good to do, my city is Anhui Dangshan, is a very small town, I made more than two years of classified information website, but there has been no what pick up, the money is not enough fees, not to mention the life, I am interested in the network business, because I always think that the Internet business less money, may one day be able to get a good return, I do it every day at twelve points, not during the work I often go to Internet cafes, so a lot of money previously, by Baidu alliance to earn a little money, seven or eight dollars a day income, I might as well go to Internet cafes charge, I was also relatively satisfied, at least Internet hits can earn, Even a, of course is a great encouragement to me, then I give Baidu league titles, I realized that this is a good way, so we still have to rely on their own website to speak of strength, I feel on the alliance to make money is not reliable, we only need to do is the county seat, I believe we eat to feed there should be no problem what the county.

well, into today’s topic, I think the classification information should proceed from the following points:

1, housing information including: Housing rental and sale of charging fees for our intermediary companies, for the network charges seems to be a bit difficult, I should think so, rental and sale of housing so that the user can upload pictures, pictures, only can give users bring effect, customers will love this website about the profit point, analysis can be issued free of charge, Dangshan telephone users want to see when you can look through the way: first pay, second, of the transmitted information, fifth people to open the site when the user can see the phone, this method is suitable for the local classification of more mature, if this is not very good but early the counter, but we have to do is try to limit free, if can also charge fees, and the best local DM node All charges are free at DM, and vice versa.

2, a matchmaking, this can be a fee, for users to upload their photo set option will certainly look at the photos need to be charged or membership so as to see the phone, especially female phone must be paid before they can, of course we have to ensure the quality of our things, so to avoid liar. Because I do intermediary also met many such people.

3, the flea market, I suggest a free development, after all we have a lot from commercial considerations, not completely free we are justified, after all, is not a network information, publish all kinds of information for free.

4, vehicle information: this can charge, including the 4S shop.

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