Novice to see hundreds of forums to do a sense of station

I have been in touch with the station for nearly a year. I have met many experts and met a lot of people who can make a fortune. Today I will talk about my feelings,

yesterday in Lecture Room watched Wang Liqun speak two

I’ll talk a little about Professor Wang’s altar wine,

1 first, the body should do

station is very tired indeed I made 6 slightly successful one earned hundreds of dollars to K every day looking for something or write their own things slowly update on the computer next to the site cnzz every day, every day time is 5 to 8 hours, the evening sleep late

For this

, we want to keep the waist or neck lower limb exercise, Grandpa Mao also said that the body is the capital of revolution I said: the body is the capital of Wangzhuan

2 will do it himself,

web site or engage in other what, you must have some skills, even the pseudo original, steal the template, I believe that beginners are not, this is what we learn, even dishonesty, he must have cost. Otherwise, you do the computer every day, next to all waste of electricity, waste of emotion.

3, others say you can do

you do the network, we are not opposed, the key elder people’s life experience can give you guidance, at this time you should learn to communicate, learn to listen, can not go all the way, encounter difficulties to overcome.

4 says the person you do must be OK,

you do Wangzhuan SEO, a master said to you what to do or someone to give you advice, what should you do? Accept, even if it is wrong, you have the wrong one step closer to success, to be brave to face setbacks, as well as I accepted the K reality, oh

more than 4 points to write relatively simple, I hope you think carefully, in fact, every day behind the webmaster network has a lot of valuable posts, the key is that you do not have that experience, you can not understand it.

the way to his friend’s new hair

chasing girls,

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