Skills how to do a good job of Amoy clinch a deal

are to help clinch a deal a penny, clinch a deal, namely CPS (Cost Per Sales),

good CPS release effect of the main factors

1 consistent user characteristics

, first of all, what kind of people are your visitors, and what’s more about the visitors?. Such as beauty websites or pages. Selling cosmetics is better, mother and baby forum. Sell milk; if there are many books like the site, visitors are reading people, so selling books is the most appropriate, according to statistics, the current month can gain more than 10 thousand review of the station is about about 10, more than 1000 yuan

be too numerous to enumerate

sample site 1: Blue ideal:

as the concentration of web designer, the ideal blue put web design books is the most appropriate; other similar websites selling books and PHP programmers focus on CHINAUNIX, network marketing enthusiasts from the new observation of online marketing, foreign language enthusiasts focus on New Oriental, foreign exchange enthusiasts focus on net financial investment etc..

sample site 2: Jane Zhang official network:; CPS Jane Zhang new album.. Nature..

for now, web sites for ordinary users (different from enterprise oriented steel, cranes and other B2B sites) generally find the right CPS advertising.

2 higher user stickiness

high viscosity represents higher trust and attention, so the CPS effect is better, it is because of the high viscosity concentration site click rate of CPC is sometimes very low (especially the characteristics of CPC advertising and visitors compliance is low);

sample site 1:Hao123:

3 necessary traffic base


needless to say, like Carrefour, WAL-MART, somebody has to have people to buy things, in general, the same user attributes, the same viscosity, the same advertising form, nature is the higher the money flow;

4 proper form of advertising


CPS advertising as content, services, or need to do: as the content, such as the creation of a shopping channel on the site, said the ideal blue example is such; as a service recommendation service such as Tesco shopping rebate services, blue ideal. Points, discounts, and other forms; as a demand, such as web site CPS advertising, is actually a link, to meet the user’s convenient needs…… CPS ad bars, anywhere

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