A soft Wen after all know original article charm why so huge

yesterday in A5 sent an article entitled "Baidu, GOOGLE, YAHOO optimization summary of several points" article, the original, the first is on your own web site, and then sent to A5. Shortly after the hair, accidentally discovered that Baidu has included this article, just understand, the original article charm.

just out of contact with the network, dream of having a website of your own, began to learn the technology to build a website for my personal web site, although not fine, after all their efforts, still happy for a long time, after the completion of the website, that there is nothing to do. One day, my friend said to me, "in, enter" XXXXX ", you can find your website, I tried, really can, but I think this is normal, because in the network, you can certainly find. From a time when an idea, the website propaganda out, let more people know their own website, and then contact the website promotion, read many articles, provided the most impressed me most is to go to XXX where the text, or writing articles. The opinion of the home must be useful, otherwise it won’t be circulated on the Internet, but the soft Wen will be so good to write, the original article content from where?


until yesterday, saw his own SEO has obvious effect, whim, wrote an article entitled "for Baidu, GOOGLE, YAHOO optimization of a few summary" article, and concurrent to the A5 above. For her A5 made the first article excited, more surprising is that the first to publish this article in the studio on the site had been included in Baidu! Why do website promotion, many have put forward many wise remark of an experienced person to write the original article, this moment realized


according to their own website Baidu snapshot update law, is generally the first update, every day, and continuously updated two times, then every day, continuously updated two times, repeatedly so, that is to say if it is the 21 day snapshot update, update is then handed down in 23, to 24 update snapshot, and then is 26 days, 27 days and continuously updated. If the more original article, can put the middle suspended one day away, really wish for


for a new station or snapshot update cycle longer site, add original article has to be called a good method. Adhere to an original every day, not only can do every day to update their website content, and the effect is far beyond imagination.


, update your website content is very simple, to find a forum, a N long hair or just send up one or two hours of the article, paste it into your own website, directly copy OVER, it updates its website! Copy hundreds of articles to be included, but only a few decades. Although the copy paste is not very time-consuming, will cause a deception to search engine, will extend the snapshot update time, because the website content quality is not high, no need to come every day, the search engine can be very cherish the time


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