A5 four years on the development and influence of A5

A5 is the first in four years ago, I learned that graph king’s name in a website, what is the specific site has old time to remember. That time I saw a lot of friends in the discussion of graph king, he said is God, he has discussed the origin of the name, have discussed his website, also said he is grassroots idol, since everyone is watching this, I also began to pay attention to the use Baidu Search. To A5 Adsense network.

from then on, I just want to surf the Internet on A5, the purpose of three: 1, I like the Internet life; 2, I want to enter the webmaster circle; 3, this information above all. At that time, there was no concept of posting with a signature on the forum. Now there is another reason for the forum to bring signatures.

in the past few years, I published articles in the webmaster online, with a few times with a net, fish and shrimp, black Sasa, has left the Lido Wei had exchanges; bought website, also sold the website, also bought the connection, of course I lose so badly, I was a failure of the webmaster, because I have in this company, not into the heart.

in the staff, I’m impressed Wei Li, graph king is grassroots idol, I judge him he is very busy, so if you want to get serious and he will be very difficult to exchange time. Many webmaster regard him as a teacher, that is because in a long time ago, his business has not made big time, left a lot of webmaster time, help a batch of webmaster growth. Let’s talk about A5’s influence:

1, and now many webmasters have A5 as a myth, the king as a spiritual teacher.

2, if you publish an article in the A5 home page, the amount of traffic for the site is great, according to the quality of the article to obtain the number of IP, generally in the tens to thousands of it.

3, published articles in A5 can get good external links, I have done experiments, published articles, Google has achieved good quality of connection.

4, technical exchanges and learning, at the beginning of many webmaster micro SEO, on the A5 learning and experience sharing, the decline in technical content in this area was A5, a webmaster to divert a large professional SEO website to.

5, connection sales, which is one of the core business of A5, but I personally feel that I still need to do better.

6, many webmaster mix A5 BBS, in order to obtain even, of course, I also now, the effect is still there, but the total weight than before has declined. Every day I pay close attention to the change of the quantity of the post, but many of them are rubbish articles and connections, and they become virtual prosperity.

The core business of

7 and A5 is the website trading broker, and the best piece in the country is the A5, but the quality of the site has recently declined.

8 and A5 are now a lot of grass

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