Do website you pursue beauty or pursue speed

a few days ago to see a friend made a movie station (, feel the interface is very beautiful, is similar to thunder, and have seen before, but I do not use. I asked him, "are there so many pictures on your page? Are they open so fast?" he said. "Is that ok?". But I do not know the reasons for my speed, or how, I always feel his station open more slowly.

then I took out my broken stand and showed him. ( he said, "why is it so ugly?". To tell the truth, in fact, I also feel ugly, but because the home page picture is not much, there are only five pictures plus a slide, I think the speed should be very fast. So I used this template. Simple, and basically watching movies are new to the Internet, can give them a clear navigation on the list.

if you do, you are the pursuit of beauty is the pursuit of speed? The pursuit of beauty may lead to sites not open half the day, and you will use the picture of the pursuit of speed less, less effects within, but certainly is not very beautiful. Unless, of course, your server is strong enough and the space is fast enough, it’s nothing to say,.

then I ask him, how do you stand on advertising is not a movie station? And the first video ads do most is not, even if there is no advertising, should also be free? He said, several people now put advertising is not easy to will scare the. Originally wanted to put the first video ads, but think of this template is not good, empty advertising, even if it is. The rest of the league is the same.

may be a lot of people think so, maybe a lot of people are the same as he, if so many people think, the network will be much more pure. For the sake of the user, or for the sake of profit, the pursuit of beauty or pursuit of speed, both can have both, of course, is good, if not, how will you choose


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