Talking about how Fujian middle school alliance gets local financing

Fujian high school league is one of Fujian’s grassroots construction of 5d6d free forum, because this station was a student, I could only use the free forum, although free forum, but also the two level domain name, but the 5d6d service is very good.

this student just as an interest to do, gradually learned a little SEO and learned to do some advertising alliance, he has his own set of promotion method:

1, the establishment of a related blog, and then do top Baidu keyword, and then in key words on the Fujian middle school league connection, of course, in their own forums also have such articles.

2, answer Baidu know the above problems, so in the relevant links can leave your own web site connection, this is a very good increase in the chain and flow method.

3, because he is Fujian high school league, with the theme, so that he will go to every school in Fujian Baidu Post Bar to publicity, then leave a link, this link is the best picture, and best picture watermark.

4, basically every day he will do a love connection, of course, is about the Fujian school forum website, ah, do these feeling connected to have a premise, is to check their PR values, with their almost or higher than their.

5, often go to the high popularity of the student community, because of these very popular community to leave a link is very difficult, only in his signature, but he can leave your site name: Fujian middle school alliance. So interested people will go to search, of course, in Baidu, his keyword is ranked first.

recently due to his website gathering more and more popularity, attracted wide media attention in Fujian, has been invested to buy his website, but just graduated but he began to want to start your own business, and then transfer the data backup 5d6d.

this is his previous forum, some of his promotion method is practical and effective, the most important is free, it is suitable for the majority of grassroots webmaster.

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