Target user analysis of on line operations promotion

online promotion operations, a lot of time will encounter transformation problems. For example, today spent 1000 yuan, traffic is very large, but that is, consulting or inquiry are particularly small. When this happens, would be particularly anxious, why money is spent, the flow has come, but there is no transformation.

in this case, we generally rule out whether or not there is an error in the page, or if it doesn’t work, we have to analyze whether it’s landing page and doing target user analysis. But this time is relatively late, in contact with this project, the target user analysis is required to do in advance and advantage extraction.

, step 1: identify the basic service population,

defines the basic service population according to the product or service, and defines the basic age, service object, income stage, service object, and cultural level.

When analyzing the target customer population,

has two requirements:

1, your target audience needs two to three basic conditions (for example, men, young people, outdoor, mobile, high income people);

2, the number of users must have a certain scale.

correct target customer positioning, can correctly grasp the user’s psychology, so that products or services can be more accurate, but also more popular. (in general, low-income people care more about prices, and middle and high income people focus on service and quality).

to fight a lot as an example, a lot of fight is through the fight to cover the market early, their positioning is very clear, and draw the group purchase mode, for the majority of low-end consumers, but also in the short term to accumulate huge loyal users. When their users encounter product problems or quality of service problems, they will not find them directly.

second step: analysis of the target customer’s common demand point

after analyzing the target user’s needs analysis and target customer groups, you need to analyze the common requirements of your target customers, which is where many trainers pack the pain points.

, for example, one of my friends is a one year old baby’s mother, the child after weaning, often do not eat, in a chance, she began to make snack vegetable juice do, through her mother Bao WeChat circle this product into a brand in the local. As can be seen from this example, she found her product positioning, to solve the baby after weaning do not eat the pain point.

third step: put the demand point into the marketing plan

will target your analysis of your target customer needs and achieve your marketing plan. Also amplify and list the problems your target customer is worried about.


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