The 2007 sh419 World Congress will be held in Beijing in August 9thThe whale founder Chen Ge then st

09:38-09:45 government leader
09:47-10:30 "for the Chinese world-class leading enterprise forum forum guests:
Kotler Consulting Group KMG chairman Milton Kotler
financial department of Chinese University Hong Kong Robin Li;
11:26-12:00 />11:04-11:26 launches "new media trend" speech

in the United States, for example, Beats these high-end headphones generally occupy 67% market share, become fashionable goods, like iPod, children will buy. Headset brand Skullcandy in Europe accounted for 60% market share, is still listed in 2011. Although these high-end headphones generally priced at more than 800 yuan, but the market sales are very hot, the growth trend is good.

the conference invited guests are: Kotler Consulting Group KMG chairman Milton Kotler, the Nasdaq stock market, general manager of the company vice chairman Michael Oxley, vice president Ma Zhihong, President of Greater China, Ericsson Intel’s sales and marketing department China region Yang Xu, NOKIA China Investment Limited company president Zhao Kelin the United States, the Walton School of business at Pennsylvania State University finance professor Lang Xianping, Chinese University Hong Kong Professor Dr. iResearch limited company president Yang Weiqing Department of finance. According to Kisssh419, the conference will release a new sh419 product.

get involved in the market Chen Ge said that from the headset? Apple store in Sanlitun to sell electronic mall, copycat, where electronic products are selling fake Beats Beats headset, including headset, as the industry chain in China fake Beats headset. China last year sold 900 million headphones, high-end headphones Beats, B&, O, Sennheiser and so on, accounting for about 23% of the market share.

"new consumption trend"

well-known legitimate music sites already stranded, whale whale founder Chen Ge did not stop the pace of entrepreneurship. Chen Ge has started the two venture, the entrepreneurial music wearable devices as the starting point.

Why does

General Assembly agenda

sh419 fans News Network: thanks to the reminder of scholar brother 2007 sh419 World Congress will be held in Beijing in August 9th. "sh419 world" is held once a year by the sh419 Inc for users, customers and partners of the industry event, as the world’s largest Chinese website, China the widest coverage, the biggest impact of new media, sh419 is the new media to the powerful influence of changing the way people access to information, thus changing people’s way of life.

in the view of Chen Ge, the young people love to buy mobile music hardware, bought 220 million sets of SONY bought Walkman; 470 million iPod; 1 billion dollars a year to buy Beats headset, once the mobile music network hardware could have enormous influence of subversion.

star technology follows Beats headphone mode. Beats headphones to design and sound access to young users, star effect makes beats into headphones "tide" brand, and its sales of not less than AKG, Sennheiser and other veteran headset manufacturers. Star poly technology to new star music player cooperation and services as the breakthrough point, in the mobile Internet era to establish a profit model.

star poly technology will push smart headset and "Star" application network. According to Chen Ge’s plan, the star of science and technology headset and applications will cooperate with well-known stars, through the economic effect of star fans to obtain commercial interests, and stars with sales.

to build a networked headset, there are not many difficulties. Smart networking headset has matured in technology and other aspects, just as apple did iPod in 2003, just integrate innovation, star poly technology is similar to the Beats business model, mainly for >

?Why does


Chen Ge says it’s normal to start a business and choose intelligent hardware for music. When Jobs returned to apple, the choice is also iPod and itunes. And the trend of wearable devices is likely to begin with music wearable devices.

Chen Ge’s new company, star poly technology, has received tens of millions of yuan of investment, including shareholders of the Li Li angel fund, Changzhou long Cheng Excellence Fund, Changzhou property rights exchange, and received part of the Changzhou government subsidies.

vice president of marketing the new trend of "

start with smart headphones,

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