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shop business by cutting out the superfluous

shop operates ninth strokes: a vast quantity of

shop operates seventh strokes: hands-on

was the first to know their goods to be confident, to ask the customer or ask what answer fluently, but also picked up the goods look again that answer, many customers are not good patience.

store more things, customers choose more room, then your transaction rate will also rise, reasonable classification is also very important.

shop operates eighth strokes: with

now, Hu from this shop ten years ago into a chain of businesses, there are four stores in Gui street. While Guijie has become a street of restaurants crayfish. Ten years, not only crayfish market has changed, behind it, people’s consumption habits and living environment has changed. In the fast-paced Beijing, people’s daily life is stressful and the day is tight. Because of the hemp and spicy food, diners are able to relieve their personal pressure. In the evening, eating crayfish slowly is also suitable for chatting with friends. Many factors contributed to the crawfish business blowout.

photographed from the buyer of goods, filling orders, inspection of goods, packaging, shipping must Qinliqinwei, much more goods to carefully check the goods, so as not to the East West, to avoid unnecessary mistakes and problems, but also to fast delivery.

go to the community around, to keep abreast of multiple posts, improve the popularity, there are many things worth learning in the community, learn from the experience of others, learn from each other, to enrich themselves.

I dark horse: the Internet makes diners try crayfish with new forms, many entrepreneurs saw the opportunity to use new tools, new channels of the Internet and electronic commerce, from the beginning of crayfish into the food and beverage industry. They are trying to change the industry in a new way.

shop operating tenth trick: keep its promise

answer fluently

not to buy to take the prospective customers do not blindly blame them, have a tolerant attitude, build another group in my Amoy friends, in time to chat with them, listen to their opinions, sum up take reason not to buy, look for their own the reason.

treat every customer carefully

online business the first one: touch

shop management sixth move: harmony

shop management fourth recruit: Shou strains to avoid

entrepreneur Xiong Shuwei’s first batch of crayfish customers all came from her circle of WeChat friends.

items are described to simple highlight the theme, there is the name, type, unit price, function and so on, too many and complex, I believe that not many people will see it, of course, a good picture is worth a thousand words per language.

shop operates fifth strokes:


ten years ago, crawfish is just the beginning of the epidemic, Innovation workshop co-founder Wang Zhaohui tried several crawfish restaurant, then he settled in Gui street, the main Hu spicy crawfish restaurant, eat until now. As a crayfish lover, he likes to meet 35 friends in the evening, chatting and eating. Wang Zhaohui’s hobby was so familiar to his friends that he chose a cartoon lobster outfit when a friend gave his child clothes.

you know in the online shop, a good name is very important, you have to sell goods to highlight the theme, to play the role, only the first step.

online shopping of people roughly divided into two categories, one is the purpose, he knew what he wanted, the two is no purpose, just go to see things in mind will pay for the purchase, then the probability you want online more than not online transactions, online shop is the most helpless the most basic one is to wait.

bear Shuwei originally in the marketing department of a media, I also love to eat spicy crawfish, most of the time she bought 7 pounds of shrimp one to eat, eat their "hi". She felt that in the media market, sometimes there is no sense of accomplishment, do ten or twenty PPT, there is a customer through, even if good, and their cooking is heartfelt love. Bear Shuwei decided to resign venture, founded the "hemp bear spicy crayfish".

Ma Xiaoxiong entered the market at the same time, this year there are many Internet Co began to start crayfish takeout advertising. In the subway in Beijing, during the world cup, people can see a large number of electricity supplier websites hanging out with crayfish related advertising. Unlike entrepreneurs like Ma Xiaoxiong, these big businesses have crossed the stage of pulling their friends from the social network to the user’s point of view

The third measure:

initially, Ma Xiaoxiong, who has no reputation and no customers, did not choose to advertise. Xiong Shuwei Ma Xiaoxiong gave his original crayfish colleagues and the leadership of taste, in the media about the recommendation in his circle of friends WeChat and micro-blog, when micro-blog fans will bear Gastrodia from 10 to 100, there are a lot of people with their public no.. "Media entrepreneurs should support."." A peer multimedia message, Ma bear’s name that began to spread word of mouth.

in the online shop are more or less educated, I said Taobao human businessman here in the street stall people know and we are Confucian, Friendliness is conducive to business success., should the customer harmony, courtesy of humility and patience.

‘s way of eating crayfish has changed.

shop operating second recruit: a dazzling array of

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