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when people are accustomed to the Chinese ICP and ISP in the operation of the dilemma attributed to the immature network advertising, we do not know the development of online advertising industry is also facing a lot of "growing pains."". This new industry needs to grow with ICP, advertising companies, advertisers and audiences, and it also calls for the maturity of the environment and the attention of more and more people. The focus of this issue is to see –

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according to the euro RSCG Mr. Lv Yong introduced last year, China’s Internet advertising click rate was about 3%, and this year is less than 2%. This decline is faster than in the United states. Of course there are many reasons, but the limitation of creativity is definitely one of the important reasons.

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at present, the form of domestic Internet advertising is nothing more than banner advertising banner

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if the paper media means luxury and waste, Internet is full of efficiency and economy. We would like the ICP from the long-term interests, so that more people have the opportunity to network advertising.

interview, it was easy to get several ICP advertising quotes. But Mr. Liu Wenkai, who has found Internet Company Limited, said, "this is very different from the actual amount of transactions."". At present, in China, whether a ICP site is well-known, maintain a good understanding in pricing, the general form of Web network advertising 486 × 60 banner CPM is 30USD, the other way is the price of the same. However, the ICP’s sales staff to be able to pull customers, increase the volume of business, in a time when customers often recount, price discount is one of the main forms of.

will worry if you analyze carefully. For customers, the price of 30USD/CPM is definitely not acceptable, inexpensive things, everyone aspire. But the gap between the offer and the actual price is too large, how can we reassure customers? In an insider’s words, "even if your price has been discounted several times, the customer may think there is still room for price reductions.". At the same time, customers will also make a bad impression on the whole network advertising industry, and believe that the industry with such price competition is still very immature."

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for a growing industry, it is reasonable to give more advertisers the opportunity and courage to use a lower threshold. At present, the network advertisement price is not conducive to large quantities of advertisers to enter the market, especially small and medium-sized enterprises will be excluded, but should not be this vicious competition "shadows", starting from the ICP of their actual situation, determine the more accurate network advertising prices, customers should be through advertising for discount.

CPS and CPC micro Network Alliance launched a joint promotion

1., Amazon products to promote the performance of more than 1000 yuan / month, the network micro alliance will put 100 yuan of CPC advertising on its main station. The ad for the CPC micro platform itself advertising promotion the following.
2. Amazon products over 10000 yuan / month, micro network alliance will invest 1000 yuan of the CPC
3. advertising promotion products Amazon 20000-100000 yuan / month, micro network alliance will invest 2000 yuan of the CPC

Cps advertising advertising is a kind of based on sales performance provided a form of advertising, at present our company and Amazon the joint promotion of its products. Amazon is famous for its rich product lines, fast distribution and fast development. Welcome to have been put on such ads in our department, but also welcome not tried such advertising sites to try.


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