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"snacks online supermarket", the demand is not large, margins are not high". On the eve of the Spring Festival this year, he can feel after thinking, home network must be changed in order to survive, and think of the new year to send fruit "this idea, so from the local fruit wholesale market into dozens of boxes of cherries, did not expect a sold, better than expected. In >

blank is also the opportunity, so in some of the more developed two or three – tier cities, some local – based shopping sites have sprung up, the first to swallow the "small cake."".


the title of the party has several, all are false, only to attract traffic, the second is half virtual, half solid, and the third is that you have to pay a certain kind of.

Yu Ling GA and partners rely on 50 thousand yuan of principal from scratch, unable to afford people, and took the purchase, customer service, distribution and so on. In the first few months, they did not do anything to promote, and know that there are few people in the home network, even after a few bus ads, the effect is not good. After all, they don’t have an obvious competitive advantage, except for door-to-door delivery.

I was in

accidentally, Yu Ling gallium in micro-blog sees someone @ 19 floor Jiaxing ask where to sell "milk", there was no such drinks on the market in Jiaxing, so he finally came in from the field of searching, a batch of goods, spread through social media such as micro-blog, this product can sell fire, house net users have been spread rapidly in the middle.

as a three line city, Jiaxing city population is only about 300000, although the scale is not big, but it is located between Shanghai and Hangzhou, the economy is more developed, e-commerce development is earlier, the birth of wheat bags and other Amoy brand.

in the field of fresh electricity supplier, and later have the opportunity? Based on the local Jiaxing home network is a case worthy of reference. On line for more than a year, has been in constant exploration and adjustment stage, from the initial online supermarket to the present fruit distribution, you can gradually find the home network force point.

"I want to make it a local life service platform."." The founder of the web, Shen Ling, confidently said.

June 2012, Yu Ling GA built their own home network formally launched. The positioning of home network is the beginning of a city is also selling online supermarket, the supermarket can buy things, provide convenience for the city in the Indoorsman are Indoorswoman.

I remember a few days ago I read an article in the webmaster nets, see the shlf1314 to do a specific advertisement Title don’t remember, but I remember the general content, "new user registration Ji song 350 yuan, optimization engineers to help optimize AD advertising". Maybe I can say the general content of this title. Many people know it. This is one of shlf1314’s recent activities for new users. I also went to apply for, I had also done shlf1314, in fact, there is an account number has been opened, but only see 350 yuan, only 100 yuan to open an account on it. A total of 400 available, and I stand a coincidence is selling a product, the 400 fastest advertising can bring me more than the income, I Why not?? what is my worth, but when I received the shlf1314 engineers call this morning after I gave up this idea, it is a the title of the party, but there are still a lot of people to register and activate into a large amount of cash. Why? Because the title party is not so fake and helpful, there is still a lot of user activation running into cash, and shlf1314 has a lot of subsequent revenue streams.

the rise of fresh electricity providers, is leading the consumer further changes in the form of consumption. In this field, I bought the food network, SF preferred, original life has become a star, but do fresh investment, high requirements, strong localization, which means between the bigwigs of the moment it is difficult to reach the small city.


ADMIN5 sent an article on the website promotion plan, which has introduced the title of the party, but also some of my title the title of the party, agree with someone denied, but the title of the party brings a lot of views and comments, this is not achieved the effect of publicity

Jiaxing home network is such a "little kid", a green hand of fruits and imported snacks and distribution in Jiaxing City, launched more than a year, has been in continuous exploration and adjustment stage, from the initial online supermarket to today’s fruit distribution, it slowly found the force point.

the three title of the party, you belong to that? If you only flow, can do some very attractive title, like some hot topics and sh419 will predict the hot topic, we should pay more attention to the sh419 index, if you do well, find the content is very hot, you know more, get in front of others first, even if your content is not good, you rely on your title can bring you a lot of traffic, I have published many articles in the event when the door, then giving a friend a forum to bring tens of thousands of traffic, just a title, the contents of all no illegal method is simple introduction, will not be harmonious can bring a little bit of registration, Why not?, one of the benefits of the title of the party is here, for the forum.

half solid title party is terrible, but there are a lot of people believe, also can bring certain flow, it depends on how you use the Internet, I remember the activities of winning the hot moment a few years ago, had created many illegal stationmaster income soared, but also illegal things don’t advocate you to do. What does the title of the party do? Actually it’s very simple. In fact, activities exist, but live

small boat, U-turn,

today, let us introduce the title of the party, how to do the title of the party, the title of the party is not necessarily detrimental to long-term development, the title of the party, many large companies are doing, why do not we do


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