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, founder of the New Oriental also admitted that, after the New Oriental roller coaster shares landslide, and organizational assessment system and the transformation of the relevant issues. At that time, New Oriental landslide occurred, the stock slipped to a low of 18 U.S. dollars a share, revenue fell from 20% to 12%, profits fell by 8%.

, but since then, New Oriental changed the organizational assessment ideas, no longer simply through the KPI to assess performance, "New Oriental now the assessment mechanism, popular saying is" butt decided head". We no longer ask principals and administrators to generate revenue and profits, but instead to check that you are doing the right thing – if you do the right thing, income and profits are natural results."

snail mother comforted him, "so we have a shell." "we do not depend on the sky, nor on the ground. We depend on ourselves.".

Yu Minhong said, "good enterprise organization system, is to establish a scientific and fair assessment mechanism," "all outstanding talents, must be in scientific, fair assessment mechanism to leave.". If the mechanism is unfair, it must be bad for the people to stay."

little snail: but the earthworm brother doesn’t have any bones. He doesn’t climb fast. He doesn’t turn into a butterfly. Why doesn’t he carry this hard and heavy shell?

about this organization assessment and construction related to share, the following is Yu Minhong speech memoir:




, the founder of New Oriental, Hong Thai fund founder partner Yu Minhong delivered a speech at the annual meeting of Hong Thai Fund recently, he spoke about the organization to grow, mature and successful in three aspects, and the organization of the assessment system before New Oriental review summary.

little snail: the Caterpillar sister has no bones and can’t climb fast. Why doesn’t she have to carry this hard heavy shell?

two, my story:

: because the Caterpillar sister can become a butterfly, the sky will protect her.


has a lively, fresh green, orange and pink Meng Da tall grey. It is also maturing – multinational authentication, multiple protections, and more compatibility.

little snail cried: "we are so poor, the sky is not protected, and the earth is not protected.".

"growing up" means

"there was a time when the brain drain is serious, some people take a very high salary is still to go, not because of his dissatisfaction with wages, but he thinks around that incompetent people took the money with him almost, he might only get another occupation after so much in the new salary, but at least don’t feel bullied." Yu Minhong says.

is the first element, the establishment of three. We want to put the company into what kind of company? We ultimately want to put themselves into what kind of person? Only the establishment of three in order to lead the continued development and growth.

is now looking for more partners in the Jingdong, as well as surprise "zero" yuan.

little snail asked his mother, "why do we have to bear this heavy and heavy shell since we were born?"

was hiking with my family when I was young, and I was always in the front. A snail attracted my attention. I asked my mother, "why do snails crawl so slowly?". "Because he’s carrying the whole house," she said. "How sad it is!" I asked. Dad said, "the more you bear, the more happiness you will bear.". At that time, I did not understand the meaning of my father. Years later, I had what I had to bear, but I never understood what my father said. Until one day, a special birthday present. Looking at the busy snail, I remembered the words of my former father. Thank you for everything, Dad. Thank you for the happiness you’ve given me.

three, its story:

first saw it in November 2015, when it was a bit lonely, but still couldn’t hide the glow of its current. After more than a month to see it again, it has a lot of different skin color of small partners.

today is our annual meeting. Before I start drinking, I would like to speak to Hong Tai, to each of my brothers and sisters here, three words, three "Cheng".

have the correct views, broad vision and mind, good habits of

, the first "Cheng" word, is growth. 2016 was a year of rapid growth for Hong Hong and each of us, and growth meant three things:

mother: because the earthworm brother will drill earth, the earth will protect him.

Mom: because our bodies are not supported by bones, we can only crawl and crawl. So protect this shell,

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one, snail’s story:

second elements, is to grow in the formation of horizons and mind. This is the difference between heroes and heroes, heroes and heroes may be in ability but racing together bridle to bridle, the hero has values, vision and mind, but not necessarily lawrence. You can have the ability to succeed, but not necessarily the achievements of masterpieces. Hong Tai to be handed down, so every Hong Tai’s mind and vision is very important. "I am confident that Thailand will eventually become China’s capital market’s biggest achievement."

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