What the big business guys didn’t tell youWang Tong brand personification is a good strategy

super IP can self-made potential and flow, can be quickly realized to creation, brand personification, is the best path to create personal super IP.

13, Boeing

but why focus is to persist, or more directly said what his stick? Everyone knows the importance of persistence, know the importance of vocabulary, but how to find support themselves and their way? This is the entrepreneurial chiefs don’t tell you.

5, 360, and Zhou Hongyi

6, Ford

many people have 35 friends, nothing is going to have fun. But what about the partner? Holly’s founding partner was a friend built up at the University, but Wang Yang said three golden words in a tearful wedding. Don’t talk to your good friend partnership business, so business partnership need what kind of people? How to find these people? How to play everyone’s expertise? How to enhance team cohesion? This is business chiefs don’t tell you.

7, Sohu and Zhang Zhaoyang

10, more…

everyone found no, a high-profile CEO character, >

successful into Holly standing on the podium waxed eloquent speech, in the face of tit for tat Yankee, and the relative clause verbatim recite 5000 words, for English words. But the story is only a slight one. He finished reading 800 books in four years and swept through the library of the University of yanjing. When he spoke to his students, he said, "it’s on the market. I’ll carry it back."."


6, music and Jia Tingyue

general brand is just a cold and cold "symbol", if you use a person’s name, immediately let you feel the temperature of this brand, and feel like a living person.

? >

a "China partner" red, "a hero is Chinese can kneel, even from other people’s legs under the past." Red crossing network. Let countless young hearts be lit, burning raging fire. This reminds me of the college entrance examination time Shuabing article, write "North heroic spirit to test, but the math scores of 1 points" Ma venture gangster entrance of those things. This is strikingly similar to the experience of the hero, holly, in the movie.

is a brand the most important thing is to solve the problem of trust, since to do with their own brand names, so their reputation and brand bundled together, so he just made a hundred years of brand, brand handed down.

why do they use their own names as brands,

3, millet and Lei Jun

15, Hermes

8, NetEase and Ding Lei

3, with temperature

2, HP

1, apple and Jobs


entrepreneurs don’t tell you: how to recite a dictionary,

many people recite the words, but rarely memorize a dictionary, let alone a book". Gee, so that the success of the road is not crowded, because on the road to success: a death of a number of hot weather, cold weather of death group, death group, a group of opinionated dead…… The one who can hold on is king,

1, to create personal super IP

9, Meizu and Huang Zhang

14, Bayer


2, solve trust

4, Alibaba and Jack Ma

most of the internationally recognized brand names are used by the founder’s name or surname, for example:

4, Mercedes Benz

all kinds of propaganda, sought after, the story of entrepreneurial bigwigs, painted packaging successfully implanted people’s hearts. It seems that entrepreneurship is not too far away for young people with dreams. But that’s what worries me the most.

7, Panasonic


also has a number of brands that, although they do not use the name of the founder, their brand is as deep as possible with the founder or operator. For example:

11, Chanel


even has been very low-key HUAWEI, in order to enter the mobile phone market, Yu Chengdong are high-profile, and let HUAWEI mobile phone just a few years, sales done the world’s top few.

startup gangster didn’t tell you: how to find partner

3, Disney

however, the inspirational story did not tell you, if you read the speed of two days, 1 copies, then a month can read 15, a year can read 180, then the university four years, you can read 720. And you will have no time to pack ride from Lhasa, there is no time to the lake boating, no more to meet the world an Su mei. When he climbs up into the clouds and becomes a successful man, he will put away the ladder and tell you how he has gone through a long and arduous journey to find the way.

8, Ericsson


5, Chrysler

2, Facebook and Zuckerberg



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