To the novice Shanghai Longfeng experience to share

do you need a Shanghai Longfeng own website, a fatal mistake and rookie in the selection of key words. Many websites have their own name, new ideas are, it is your site title, should write their names on the cover of the book as a novice, then easily title in this column just write on their website name. But their mistake, the search engine is a library, you must be the title of your book classification, so others can find you this book through the catalog to have a chance to pick up your book to see the contents inside. The library books and thousands on thousands of people through you, not the book’s name to find you, unless you have overwhelming advertising.

in the twinkling of an eye, learning Shanghai dragon for a year and a half, in these five hundred days, I spend eight hours every day and the global Internet, search engines to deal with through constant practice slowly explored a set of their own experience, this share to our webmaster, hope you will be of some help. In March 10, I inadvertently exposed a marketing book, that the Shanghai Dragon – search engine optimization, after some exciting, think this is a very promising marketing mode, to achieve high quality traffic to the site by the conversion of income. So, I began to Shanghai dragon long learning career. Here I will take a new perspective a little introduction and share Shanghai dragon in the process of experience and misunderstanding.

so, how to select the right keywords? First of all, you have to clear what is your website main keywords. For example, a website selling shirts, then I want the search engine search shirt people can search to my site, the traffic is very accurate and high quality, it is a charm of Shanghai dragon. To determine the site of the main keywords, there will be specific to typesetting and writing the title, the general search engine control in the 26 word title. We hope is to have its own keyword search volume, no amount of search word optimization has no meaning. At this time, we need to "love Shanghai" index of this tool. Through the love of Shanghai index query, we can know the search volume for each word every day. While the novice this is another mistake to make is to choose the high index of the word. They think the more people the higher the index search, then I can show the station in front of more people, but I do not know the higher the index, the greater the difficulty of optimization. So, for the individual grassroots webmaster, we hope to achieve gains in the short term, to select index medium or low index, at the same time I am more recommended to select the long tail keywords as the title of the keyword writing. What is the long tail keywords? People usually search long tail keywords is a phrase or a sentence, for example: "the best shirt", "shirt which brand is good" and so on, there are usually a lot of long tail keywords have good index, and the optimization difficulty is not great, the flow of precision also very.


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