Xiao Jun To investigate occupation planning and recommendations of Shanghai Longfeng industry

technology in Shanghai Longfeng entrepreneurship. This has been a lot of people doing, this is the most common mode of entrepreneurship, and will combine Shanghai dragon and provider will also be the future development trend of Shanghai dragon, so many people in this walk in the front, of course, have a good project or a good product and the team is very important there is a common building enterprise, provide products or services, or B2B, B2C website, also can operate the site platform, which only teachers also talked about CPS or the union advertising business model, and this requires Shanghai Dragon technology to a certain experience, can choose according to their own conditions.

1, the use of

, Shanghai dragon is generally what

2, Shanghai Longfeng work to do related work. This is the stage of Shanghai Longfeng development process is important, I think a lot of Shanghai Longfeng personnel are engaged in this occupation, some may be to optimize the company’s office in the website, specifically the optimization of enterprise website, more exercise is tiring, while others are in the network company operating a relatively large web site, such as industry or station the portal site, usually do the work for Shanghai Dragon technology, director, editor or chain and art Shanghai dragon related work.

only has been the majority of Shanghai Longfeng personnel admired mentor, in addition to his years of teaching, training and experience of research in the forefront of search engine changes a group of elite Shanghai dragon according to his point of view and understanding of Shanghai dragon even industry development view to us is of some reference the value of the original CMS+BBS+SHOP, early Shanghai Longfeng pattern has also been a lot of people learn, of course this observation and precipitation and his many years of accumulated experience and Shanghai Longfeng industry are inseparable, and for many of us in Shanghai or Shanghai dragon dragon novice practitioners, let us for yourself and for the industry a clear understanding and expectation is very necessary, so this article only today.

last week in Dongguan Shanghai dragon line exchange, most of this exchange is natural hot Shanghai dragon WHY Cardiff only attended and shared, but also on-site to answer a lot of problems in Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, is really awesome. In the conference only share a Shanghai Longfeng practitioners more topic, that is Shanghai Longfeng occupation planning problem, I think this is for the majority of Shanghai dragon friends will compare a reference value, so through the collation of the lecture content and share it with everyone to discuss.

3, Shanghai dragon related work part-time. Pick up some business in Shanghai Longfeng work, it can not only enhance and consolidate their Shanghai Longfeng ability, but also bring extra income, which is more common in Shanghai Longfeng practitioners working mode, such as the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon optimization of single provide consultancy services, or provide the Shanghai dragon website construction services, has received post editing and chain task.

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