You love Shanghai why always old photos

is not included, the website content update will implement snapshot with the new

, the first snapshot included with QA

to illustrate the problem we need to understand the snapshot of the principle:

will promote the snapshot included?The

believe that we also often participate in link exchange work, a lot of people on the website of the Shanghai snapshot requires some love. Then the snapshot in website optimization in the end how to play a role in

The concept of the weight of

first sunluck Shanghai dragon in here to explain: the snapshot itself has no direct effect to the user site ranking! But the actual situation is the snapshot date indirectly reflects the website more or less, big or small, there is a problem.

and other relations1,

sometimes we showed no difference in the home page content update, such as some in the pages of the home call plate building new content, even very quickly by the love of Shanghai grab and included, in fact it is very difficult to update the web page snapshot snapshot includes content and snapshot date. On this point is still in the "Shanghai dragon transport chain construction and the layout of the page" in the article is involved.

? ?


will update the content page by page content to determine the quality is consistent with the content of the website, homepage keywords correlation. Some bloggers love to add some mood words like the article in the blog, but the content location and description of the relevant keywords, ZhengZhan generally not with. It will not therefore plate content updates as related to the home page snapshot update.

love Shanghai did not disclose, when >

3, included the influence of weight, weight is more likely to be included, the faster the be.

search engine to the web page snapshot like photos and then put these data into the cache database, click on the snapshot of the data to be viewed.


for the home page, the inside pages included updates and new pages, does not necessarily make the page snapshot update.

when we can browse the web, love Shanghai will put the photos out, let everybody see your website is what it looks like. (snapshot is website content before, now the state is not related) snapshot update date with the web site update frequency.

snapshot does not promote included, but in terms of speed will affect the updated snapshot.

in the strict sense is not a causal relationship between the two and the form but different. Collect fast, first your website content update frequency and quality of love have been recognized by Shanghai; then, your link building (including inside and outside the chain chain construction) do very well, and the spider crawling spider entrance path is very smooth. So timely updates in the snapshot on response and update is also very natural.


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