The search engine algorithm segmentation technology

to understand the search engine segmentation technology can not do not understand the search engine index, because the index database is a prerequisite for word segmentation! Index actually is after the selected page classification information database: when we love Shanghai to search for information, search engine is not present in the sea. Now looking. But the search engine had all kinds of information classification and archiving, each classification information has a separate database, index database and the independent database is what we say, when we go to Shanghai love a word search, index database is automatically out of love for Shanghai belongs to the word, from the the corresponding index database information presented to the user, this is also the reason that the search engine can quickly from a large amount of information in the library information transfer the corresponding search engines know! The principle of index database, so it is not difficult to understand the following should be segmentation technology:

We optimize the !

we know that each search engine has so on word segmentation, word segmentation as Shanghai dragon Er how much do you know about, understand the search engine segmentation technology on the search engine algorithm is very helpful, well below Taizhou, Shanghai dragon for everyone to talk about what is a search engine segmentation technology

through the above content, to establish the index library must take each word file in a web page, so that the same word classification in the same database, the word file within a web page is called segmentation! We know that the search engine watch "is not the same as we see", we is to look at the content search engine to see the source code to extract the search engine website source code, then the search engine according to see source code words and links different classification to different database! Well, here I told you should want to know, we know what is the meaning of the word segmentation technology the Shanghai Dragon, then I tell you, the word segmentation technology is of great significance for Shanghai Dragon:


word segmentation technology is of great significance to Shanghai Longfeng, make good use of the word segmentation technology is helpful to our website! Taizhou Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is a blog, no sense of Shanghai dragon things I will not update the site, unless it is the entertainment category, Taizhou Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon will be updated from time to time the latest information and share all kinds of dry cargo, there is also a publicity.

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such as "how to learn Shanghai dragon" of the word love to Shanghai home, then in the "learn Shanghai dragon", "Shanghai dragon" these words on our website have better weight, but we are not aware of it, as long as we impose the terms optimization, so these words the ranking is also very easy to go up, but if we put some with the website title is not related to the word search engine optimization up, so there is no way according to the segmentation technology to our website for other word weight, so that our website in the website for the reasonable use of word segmentation technology, which can hit more words so, our website has ranked in many words on

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