Explain the details of web page optimization


write the headlines: not repeat

has different content, different contents of the subject are not the same, even the same theme website, such as my blog, the overall theme of the site, is the Shanghai dragon, but each page title is different, the title tag is the first factor, page optimization, search when judging engine related pages, the title for high marks.

this is a search engine in the important indicators to judge the related pages, must not be ignored, and title is the best from the closer the better, even if do not close, not too far away, the purpose is to facilitate the search engine can be the first time to find the title tag;

is the first key position is the page title tag, description tag position, although the description words have nothing, but what is of no use to describe the search engine, good writing, is very helpful to improve click;

Each page of the website < > In addition to the All the web page title

search results page displayed in the title

Shanghai dragon

browser window displays the page title


optimization tutorial _ Shenyang Shanghai dragon consultants | Shanghai Longfeng green blog

handwriting to change, the station can be estimated, station did not have so much energy to change this thing, this requires good communication with technical personnel, tell them you need to design a title generating template, through a program called the page title, the common is the breadcrumb navigation write upside down, such as product name – name – the name of the website classification. For the special requirements of the page, or to artificial to write, for example, the title of the home page;


page title

on each page, the target keywords, this is our basic idea, page optimization of the key position, what are the

The key position of

Shanghai dragon page optimization after Shanghai Longfeng structure optimization, another important optimization;


note second: simple and smooth without accumulation, the high correlation with length

said here is not the title, the title of the page, but the page title design;

if all the pages are the same as like as two peas Internet users at the time, then? What feeling, a search engine to crawl, how do you determine when judging the relevance? So, the title does not repeat, is very important, this is also a lot of serious mistakes often made by new Shanghai dragon;

HTML code presentation format:

search engine, and the user experience is not good, the two way to show the title:

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