The mid how stable keywords ranking website optimization

1.4, Links and IP sites involved. Links site if K and drop right, will directly affect our website ranking. So, every day to check the Links is essential, we should develop such good habits. In addition, with our website in the same IP address of the website is blocked will also affect our ranking, if appear larger changes we have to.


1.3, purchase link loss and black hat means sequelae. Some Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel in order to rapidly improve the rankings, will take the purchase link approach, or by some black hat means to optimize. Buy link with the site outbound links increased and reduced the quality, if we have no other high weight of the chain, ranking will certainly decline. The black hat optimization itself is a means of cheating, sooner or later will be right down. So, Shanghai dragon must not buy links and black hat cheating.

, a chain of instability. After our website rankings do go up, we are only concerned about the ranking, while ignoring the maintenance of the chain. The chain is mainly through the following ways:


1.1, forum account maintenance is not enough. Many of our webmaster do the chain is obtained through the forum post. However, when the forum account was closed, the chain are lost. Or, a lot of people are post irrigation, or some of the rogue, illegal posts go back, when this post was deleted when the chain is gone. Also, when there is no maintenance after we finished the post, will be a large number of new posts to replace and sink to the forum at the bottom, so that the search engine will have included Posts deleted, the chain that we lost. So, the chain can not use the forum message tools, top stick machine, do not reply to irrigation and rogue posts, to our posts to the regular maintenance, avoid search engine delete.

website optimization after 3 months, through the optimization of the title, keywords layout, inside and outside the chain chain, and the structure of the web site and the adjustment of the catalogue, we usually can do keyword ranking. However, after the rankings do go up, but often floating, such as wandering between the home page and the second page, or have been in front of 20 is not to go on. Then the influence factors are the main keywords ranking what

blog is the chain caused by loss of seal. Our free blog, such as Sina blog, love Shanghai early in the space, will not cause the attention of the administrator, so the link is no problem. When we have the website ranking, webmasters will ignore the blog maintenance and update frequency is low, the poor quality of the link, with more and more, the link correlation is low. This will directly lead to the blog account has been closed. Once the blog was blocked, not all our articles, links are lost, but also a great influence on the website ranking. Therefore, we must adhere to update the blog, an article with a link to the.

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