The old webmaster A5 virgin post Shanghai dragon combat experience sharing a

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4, planning and customer. For example, in a prominent position marked the enterprise customer service phone (if there are conditions, it is best to use 800 or 400 phone), online customer service system (enterprise QQ, Shanghai’s love bridge), so that users can conveniently and quickly to contact you. For the product marketing website, also can advance planning site some new line of promotional activities, to create a marketing atmosphere, but also to gather popularity.

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prior to site planning, web interface to draw sketches (such as the left and right place placed what what, specific to every detail), will draft a art, by artists to complete the interface design.

site location. To make sure the site is enterprise image display platform, or for a particular product marketing website.

The interaction of

(2) and related pictures, links set ALT and TITLE tags.

site in the development process of Shanghai dragon matters:

is the enterprise network name card, it is needed to highlight the scale of enterprises, achievement, development, caring leadership, vision, social effects, and for the specific product marketing website, is the priority among priorities is to highlight the product, product function, advantage, make comparison and effect before and after the successful case the old customer interviews, certificate authority, to improve the credibility of the product.

2, website structure. To ensure that the overall structure clear and reasonable, the use of what the classification, catalogue to have a prior planning.


in A5 for many years, has been read not write, even rarely comments. Because is always take themselves as rookie, think that a little bit of their own understanding of the goods, is not enough to take the shot. Today, the primary one is the first post, drying out a summary of their own, Shanghai dragon field, ready to accept the criticism of the predecessors, on the other hand also hope to novice or beginners a little help. The initial post, don’t I want to edit strangle in the cradle. The beginning, I think the "Shanghai dragon" is not only a technique or strategy should be a kind of thought, and this idea should run through the planning, web application development, new line of Shanghai during the stable period of Shanghai dragon dragon, etc.. (this article mainly to the corporate website as an example)

2, the use of open source systems was higher, such as WordPress, DeDeCMS and so on, if it is their own development process, you need to pay attention to:

(1), try to use a static page, the search engine friendly.

3, the website keyword selection. According to the website with the theme of love Shanghai index or webmaster tools, or through the analysis of its competitors site selection of suitable keyword list.




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