To carry out the four basic theories of website promotion to master

website construction is finished, we need according to the type of site and to demonstrate the location information, the theme of the site, direction selection and keyword positioning analysis. Now the market is diversification, especially in the network era, the network market is changing rapidly, so we should set the direction for their own website, set a goal, and then have the goal to work, rather than blindly, blindly follow, blind operation.

website promotion, is a long work, eat hot tofu, insist to be successful.

website promotion, needs to use the experience summary of the predecessors "

website promotion work can not happen overnight, early at the time of operation may not be included, no increase in the chain, not updated snapshot, the site does not flow, no customer visit. These are a normal phenomenon, we should not be anxious, as long as the method is correct, as long as we can.

website promotion, is the real deal execution, the implementation of effective, rather than sheer numbers.

3. website promotion not anxious

in the website promotion, need to master some skills and methods, some of the resources, but as a website promotion website promotion novice, before the operation, and some basic theory to master, share with you today and to carry out site promotion need to master four basic theory.

4. to summarize the study, to be steadfast

2. orientation is the primary task of

1. quality is more important than quantity

many people haven’t started website promotion, ready forum tools group blog tools, I don’t know what he was thinking, but I want to say, his idea is wrong. Mass software operation is said to be a search engine optimization cheating is not serious. Artificial hair a quality post and the chain, may be more than a day of mass software has high value.

to do any work, is the need to constantly sum up learning, website promotion is even more so. In the process of website promotion, there is a problem to discover timely treatment timely summary, but also continue to study new promotion methods. The search engine algorithm is constantly updated, we should always insight into various changes on the network, the network grasp the latest information and related technology, applied to their own web site operators to.

website promotion, is deterministic, must first select the right direction, then one way to go black, you can succeed.

as the saying goes, Dajiangshan easy to keep country is difficult, so is the website thing. The construction site is not difficult, the difficulty to website operation is very prosperous, make it fast for their own profit. And all this, you need to find a way from the website promotion.

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