Search engine optimization three core upgrade website viscosity and weight experience

first, increase trust activities through the case of customers rich web content. The author found that Lantian spa users search Tangyu without exception is to understand it is to understand the Tang Yu, from natural hot springs between the Tangyu mountain experience to tourists in this bathing scene about local real bathing environment and catering accommodation problems. So, in this, especially home layout, we must go through such a real scene to create a feeling of be personally on the scene for the user, first in the vision for users with strong visual impact, allowing users to have a hope to understand the real situation of the thoughts, so as to stimulate the user to consult the relevant service consciousness as long as the web page, we add customer service related modules or a full contact, I believe that the customer is willing to consult and understand the details, to seize the customer’s rigid demand and the most urgent customer psychology, we can through the website of the details to implement these strategies to retain customers, even if the final customer did not choose us. But by all the details in the continuous web browsing and accessing our website page, open the page number and residence time The amount can be indirectly enhance the weights of the website, we should avoid the short path when you spell content, spell the chain in many Shanghai dragon Er still, I play every director, points of web design details, this website is undoubtedly rising for the customers trust.

second, block sorting for important content site. We know the importance of site layout strategy module is very important in the process of optimization, website maintenance is a very crucial point, because it can quickly improve the keywords ranking, why? It is actually very simple, because of the importance of modular arrangement can solve the core problem of user experience. The author here in the supermarket for example, if a supermarket owner indiscriminately to sell all the goods are placed irregularly, just after entering the customer select the items you need in the process is not necessary to spend a lot of time, this process is actually a waste of time customers influence the process of user experience. We often see the most general practice is to users often use goods especially consumable in a visible position, such as the daily necessaries which we put can be found in the door of the first place, and some non consumables such as washbasin and toothbrush are placed in the rearward position. Similarly, the site is also a reason, here > pen

as everyone knows, website optimization process, we must constantly website user demand analysis, through continuous adjustment to increase or decrease the website related modules cannot meet the needs of users of the layout, the author thinks that a web site from the beginning of the line to always consider our new user needs, whether it is updated or all the page layout to enhance user viscosity for users of the service concept to enhance the weight of the website, the following author and we mainly analysis, the details of the main points of the optimization process can indirectly enhance the user viscosity and user experience, we continued to enter today’s theme of short gossip.

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