Shanghai Longfeng orders four customers can lose four not take customer a

ask for details, ask you to when clients

"order three" customer

you may not believe it, do a website optimization, and not go to the mall to buy things, why goods more than three. Don’t think so, in Shanghai dragon industry really have such a situation, some users want to talk about a few companies who look for the highest price, and then make the final selection. Shanghai Longfeng for this user is crazy, because they always again and again three.

has been working for 2 years, can’t say I’ve been in this industry master, but in some areas or some of their own views, but the key is 2 years, I know a lot of friends, small, dumb, bright, you are my friend rare in life. "Site optimization" from the beginning of the new vocabulary to now known to all, our industry has also ushered in the development of their spring, their estimates, every day we received hundreds of calls, QQ chat more is not clear, there is a wide variety of customers have. Do site optimization friends all know, Shanghai Longfeng this work in addition to challenge themselves, a part of the communication with customers is our work. Well done, can rise to make their own performance, do not, say hard, want to quit the hearts of all, as to why, you must understand. The time passed 2 years, has seen a number of customers to have summed up the look, feel there are four types of customers we must take over the other four kind of don’t do it, even thankless.

four customers can not "lose"

has a lot of customers in the exchange process, always a lot of detail about the unusual detail, made us look like a liar, they are the victims, the language is full of distrust of us, ask what "there is no guarantee what customer service", "place can do", "you will not take the black hat black my site of such problems, to tell the truth when I encounter such a customer, I have trouble, because every day I have to contact a lot of customers, for this problem I is really not in the mood to explain, no answer value, since we want to do business, must be considered his reputation. So in the preparatory work for clients like me too aidabuli, but later found that the user is not in the way we think difficult, but is an important class of our new users, you can think of it, this kind of users to optimize the details of why so interested, the most fundamental reason they are very much on their website, they will speak from the side in order to make their sites get a good rankings and take all feasible measures for website optimization company will become an inevitable thing, so for such users, we must have the patience to communicate well, they care about. The problem is nothing more than the safety and effects, we will take the case as well as the relevant certificates to the user, the turnover rate is high.

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