Shanghai love in this turbulent era how to improve the keywords ranking Shanghai Dragon

so, from now on, we should pay more attention to the quality of the content, to the value of a user, "the chain for the emperor," content is king "should be supplemented by the chain, the main content of". Now do website content is love Shanghai love, black hat advise you don’t do it, not for a long time, and it is very easy to be K, then you should not blame the love of Shanghai, or do the content.

I want to say is that the content of the web site update, some Shanghai dragon management is a kind of professional websites, such as Java technology, we do not understand this kind of website j;

This part is divided into

website code simplification, title, keywords, description of these changes, I believe that the Shanghai dragon know better than I do in the station optimization, or no change, or those things, don’t remind the accumulation of a large number of keywords, don’t hide words, if K don’t cry.

I am writing this article is mainly to let everyone have Shanghai dragon able to calm down to think about some problems, don’t complain about the love Shanghai, love Shanghai but also to make the Internet more tidy and valuable. Since we are depending on the search engine to eat, you can’t change it, you take it, so much nonsense, I share the Shanghai dragon how should do.

, a website interior modulation

the second half of 2012 is a period of great turmoil in our Shanghai dragon, since June 28th Shanghai has changed a lot of K love algorithm, off site, let us counterparts have complained. Face yourself in front of a pile of website snapshot stop, keyword ranking dropped to one hundred and eight thousand from the home page, this great change, as the stock fell below the issue price, was too much. Love Shanghai caused psychological shadow to us, so in this case part downhearted, Shanghai dragon began to change, began to engage in other industries, this part will do better in other industries; part or to stay, like me to continue to adhere to the occupation of Shanghai dragon.

leave itself is not who is right, only love and not fit. From the second half of the love of Shanghai has been the adjustment, we should collect your thoughts, calm mood, think about their Shanghai dragon. Why do we have to do our Shanghai dragon? Shanghai dragon can be said as a network in the most frequent activities of the residents, we contribute to the Internet what valuable things? We don’t just blindly for network manufacturing some junk information, this is not the pollution the house? We should reflect on the good Shanghai Dragon, we rely on the search engine, the search engine is concerned with the best experience to the user, allowing users to quickly and accurately find the needed information, no matter how now love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, the core is never become, therefore, our ultimate goal is for the sake of users, provide valuable the information for the user.

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