NetEase Sohu has closed community forum today still effective promotion forum

has two portals closed community, forum for webmasters and forum marketing operators, is undoubtedly a blow. This is not meant that the Forum promotion stopped short, hit a big cross from the classic website promotion way in

forum and the promotion is still.

? !

forum post, with links, 72 hours post will not be deleted……" In many web site promotion, Forum promotion is one of the most effective way of promotion, however, from last year the NetEase closed community, then the search will be closing in the community, such as the old forum has seemed to have already become the time, then, the forum to promote the outcast, need to do

is now the Internet development portal that large and has already become the past, small and light vertical field development is more promising, such as answering gradually popular known from Wei Zexi event, its influence has replaced the love Shanghai quiz, obviously this evolution accords with the demand of Internet users. So, how to do a forum website? Once vibrant forum seems to find the direction, but when the "pride", and no transformation is completed.

forum is this form of community did not die, many sites have a community website, improve website activity, increase website weight, on the other hand, has a centripetal force of the community website cohesion is higher, such as some local portal site, although belonging to the regional forum, but that is because of regional form a cohesive force, still maintain a certain activity.



there is a reason to exist, also have reason to shut off. To the forum from Sina, from the forum to the blog, to micro-blog, to do fast, it can be said that the theme of the Sina business is basically based on news, community as the core business, NetEase, Sohu not only closed community website, development of its web portal also tended to be marginalized, their main the business has already undergone revision, from the NetEase’s revenue comes from 60% of the game, the Sohu to cancel the edit this post can be seen, the main core business is no longer in the.


NetEase announced the closure of the community is as early as last December 18th, although the community NetEase to stop the service, but also to address the community NetEase search in the search engine, when you click open, automatically transferred to the web page. After the Sohu community step NetEase, in mid March this year announced officially in April 20th to stop using. "Public information, community Sohu now has 19 channels, partition 2000 forum, currently 57 million registered users, 500 thousand days post, visit 120 million. The community Sohu was founded in 1999, so far, has 18 years of operating history, but just adult, is dead."

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