Because the site is down right and solving method

on the Internet, every day from early morning to late the guardian of the computer every day, domain, site, all the time in the care of the site’s ranking. First we analysis the reason and the site is down right where the blog website optimization. Why the site is down right, everything happens for a reason, the author below and share because the site is down right and solutions, we hope to have some help.

some owners in order to meet the needs of customers, at all costs to buy black chain, collecting the others, not to stop the spam forum every day, constantly keep trash chain, even in their own website to chain. These cheating methods may make their own peace of mind for himself, but for users of these are chain, how meaningless things people will love this, the search engine is more unfavorable, cheating optimization is no significance to the search engine spiders, the database is very strong collection, things will only account for its database, so it is cheating to optimize your garbage, not K it is impossible to.


2, keep the high quality of the chain.


template search engine familiar with what would be lost, for it, it is coming to a new site, the weight of it is too high to it not, there will be a time of assessment, assessment period weight in the webmaster to try to restore the site. Don’t be negative for on site template change site drop right phenomenon.

a high weight website is very stable to the search engine keywords, if not random changes to the site, the possibility of a web site is down right is almost 0. no matter how high the weights of the station, the change of keywords are likely to encounter the possibility of a web site is down right. The spider came to the site is from the site keywords, understanding website through the website of the title, if the changes to Title spider a time will not change the website understanding, Shundaizhao will give website right down to.

There is a class of website template changeReplace the The


site keywords


web site is down right

Shanghai dragon is like mountain climbing, not forward will fall down, even though the site is down the right, if not the original high quality content with the village, want to restore the site weight estimation is very difficult. Original to search engine is something new, for users is also valuable information, user experience of the website also has high value to the search engine’s Web site, the weight will recover quickly, so the original is the core. Website optimization is to optimize the most may not cheating, it is suggested that the main method of acquisition Bo back database, let the spider grab something more, but they did not take into account what acquisition of spiders is a piece of junk.

website cheating

1, to maintain the high quality of the original

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