Analysis of new station to start the website optimization

in fact, the optimization method is roughly the same, mainly to see how the details of execution, do not. Here is the main said several new sites began to do optimization, after optimization need to do promotion, many ways to promote, in the days after the deep do slowly.


– Guangzhou South www.veelink贵族宝贝 first website by Netscape, please indicate the

B. submitted to the search engine website. Because new sites were not major search engines, the search engine can not find their own website, so it must be to submit your site to the most multi engine.

The overall optimization of

C. add content to the web site. After the site keywords set, it must have keywords, is the so-called keyword density and correlation, therefore need to add content to the website to enrich website, website optimization.

website construction successfully, you need to optimize the website, to let more people know the existence of website and website bring profits to the enterprises in the day after. For a new optimization, from scratch, the optimization of a variety of methods, which is suitable for a new station? South Netscape to tell you for a new start to do optimization, where to do.

two, website optimization. According to the analysis of the scheme for before beginning, website optimization, the following specific about some detailed methods of website optimization.

a. website. First of all, on the website of the title, description of set; secondly, simplified website code, website keywords in the page allocation is reasonable; finally, check whether the site is dead link.

The construction of

, a website keyword selection. In the optimization, the first thing is to choose the key word, choose keywords are important for website optimization so we must be careful of choice. Firstly, keyword analysis, see its commercial value, the intensity of competition and optimization degree are analyzed; then, analysis of competitors, look at the top of a competitor’s site, analyze their site structure, site title, description and keyword density, content relevance and the chain sources. After these two points, we can confirm the site keywords and how to optimize the website, the website optimization preliminary scheme.

D. links. The link is indispensable for the website, you can find some good, good and PR included snapshot good site links, of course, if one-way links better, in order to increase the weight of the website. Secondly, to do some trans, to the forum, blog, search and release ask, the URL of the website or the anchor text to increase.

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