Site optimization site map role

for a bit of the size of the website, the website map a version of HTML may not list out all the links page, can take two measures. A method is the site map website only lists the main part of the link; the other is the site map into multiple files, the main site map site map link list to the secondary, secondary site map and list web links. A HTML site map page together, you can list the most page links

use the map to do long tail keywords

HTML map is for users to see, although the HTML map in the humble position, but must not ignore such details, if the site map classification blurred, the user can not find what they want to watch, may jump out. If the categories are too complex too much, will also affect the user experience. In general, the main plate, as well as some directory level is deep but the value of the page display to it.

map needs to contain the website main link

is the first site map is usually produced by software comparison procedures, can change the lower. Second site map, you can use the program to generate, can also Handmade and edit, customizable is relatively high.


website optimization process, site map generally divided into two kinds, the first is to provide a site map search engine spiders crawl, generally by the XML suffix; the second is to provide convenience and direction to the user, in general as HTML documents show, is also useful to display the dynamic file.

HTML website map not only for the user’s Web experience is friendly, for site optimization is very favorable, for small sites can not XML site map, but not without a HTML site map, we can optimize their own methods, not only on the HTML map, the details of the website can be the optimization of the website, it is important to observe with play to their creativity. Search the net love is your best choice to choose web hosting, professional management team, to solve your menace from the rear.

map layout beautiful and simple


html is a major role as a user guide, since in the face of the user, to meet the needs of users, the HTML map is another function out, is the key display, must first find out that users are more concerned about the keywords or long tail words, use the map as a guide, the display content directly to the user, perhaps users want to know the information trigger click, to provide additional value to the site. Of course, these keywords should be placed in a secondary position, does not affect the main content of the map display.

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