The actual sharing method for rapidly obtaining traffic sites

are repeated page, so much as can be imagined, even if the page ranking weight good, also because of excessive lead to no repeated page keywords ranking, so to solve these problems lead to duplication of site content according to Google’s proposals for a deal. The administrator can refer to Google blog website "duplicate content integration".


caused a repeat of the following website content:

Grab the error

repeat content 2, site: the site weights included are good, but there is no ranking, I wonder. The quality is not high, this is a common problem in many websites, not overly affect your rankings. Through Google Adsense management tools, I found the website a lot of topics.

c> under the same channel of each call to the content of repeat: it is unbelievable, but for the development of its own website, programmers such a fault or some, this will lead to a number of website URL to the same content;

1, re selection page Keywords: Keywords website many pages are not appropriate, sometimes think of several assumptions, there is no keyword search volume, there is much competition and other factors are not considered. So, re selection and layout of the page is the first keyword.

website after several revisions, the natural problems, a lot of error code with website update forgotten down, more and more slowly.

d> dynamic page pseudo static after repeat: after the dynamic page pseudo static treatment, does not prohibit the spider to grab dynamic URL, there was no jump processing 301, naturally there are a lot of the same page.

spent six years, Google PR5, love Shanghai site included page number reached 3W, the overall flow in a very depressed state, only a few core keywords ranking, can be said to be very eye watering. After the overall analysis of the site and found a lot of weight page is not low, but the key is not ranked. In order to enhance the overall site traffic, the easiest way is to make these weights of the page keywords can get good rankings.

a> content update leads to repeat: the development of its own procedures and a lot of the time did not set the title of repeated testing, this will easily lead to updating the content of repeated problems;


b> list page and content page to repeat: the column list and the article page title and description made no optimization nature will lead to a large number of web content duplication;



3, spider

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