How to improve the weight of the site content page


site navigation links is the search engine spiders.

since the first site to now there should be 1 and a half years, the code is not very understand, only a little bit of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, from the beginning until now only do is Taobao customers, remember the first station is Taobao API passenger station, then do not know what is the website weight, only know that every day with the chain, the content is automatically generated, resulting in my love Shanghai station was 4w+ included, is still ranked second in the home page, the inside pages basically no, so to do the first half of the API station is very confused. So I began to close the API station, and many owners as the owners of the house in A5, Shanghai dragon Learning Forum Shanghai Longfeng rest, after a period of study, I began to change ideas, use blog Taobao guest. After a period of time, a small blog a little improvement, and also some income, but because the site space is not stable, resulting in my website is often right down, so that the ranking is not stable, the flow is not too stable, but in this period, often check statistics, really see "flow effect the long tail keywords" brought to the site and conversion rate, and optimize it all stems from the content on the website page, so today and you share is how to improve the content of the page weight, thereby increasing site traffic.

every day



2. page optimization and keyword optimization

the content of the website page to have a constantly changing places, such as the latest articles, and articles, which can guarantee the content of the page is not fixed, but often updated to cater to the good times and improve the spider crawling your site’s pages, spiders crawl the site so much, the weight content also has improved accordingly.

4, increase internal links page:

is very helpful for the weight of the inside pages

with proper key explanatory and original articles, such as technical documents, technical parameters, product description,

web page weight solution for improving

good website content page, the main keywords general website is determined, for the long tail keywords can be used to do the corresponding content, generally a content page corresponding to a long tail keywords, as long as the optimization in place, you will find that most of the time, the content of the website page long tail word ranking is well, of course there is to control the density and location of the keywords


(1) the most important page, each page in the site should be more internal links there is a home page, including the bottom of the product page

3. web content (can do some technical documents)

web navigation The

1. guarantees are included and update pages to ensure its vitality

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