Pay attention to the contents of the original website optimization just enough

I think only pay attention to the contents of the original website optimization is not enough, in planning the content of the article, we want more from the user’s point of view, create some resources to meet user needs. As for the content of the creative ideas and broad, the contents of the original theme is infinite, can be the product of knowledge description, can be the consumer question answering doubts, can be the product service consumption experience, can also be a description of the brand value and so on, to grasp the content of grafting content from first to last user, rather than the whole words, lies, polite words nonsense again and again, is personal, consumers lose love website, no one would like to visit the nature.

many owners may be in doubt, my station how to update the original

pay attention to and strengthen the contents of the original update to improve the website optimization ranking help, but this does not mean that the optimization will no longer need to reprint articles, or not to reprint other articles on the site. The website user value interests, if your content is very valuable to the user demand, the network reproduced all the popular articles also fully meet the needs of users, since the users demand is in line with the search engine value demand. But we want to emphasize that websites that welcome visitors people content, to control the content of the site reproduced the original content of the proportion, if reproduced too much will affect the judgment to the site search engine, also reproduced content should also respect the original work, and the author reproduced attach more the site.

as the search engine ranking algorithm to adjust and perfect, love Shanghai to strengthen the network acquisition and pseudo original attack, while strengthening the protection and pay attention to the original content website. So many webmaster think website optimization is the center to strengthen their website content and workload of the original. Update the station for the exquisite original is indeed valuable, which is consistent with the characteristics of Internet innovation economy, however, the original work site optimization not only to the original and the original, and make their own creation of value basis to meet the needs of users, or your work is only to the network manufacturing another kind of trash, no appreciation the article, but to the search engine brings negative impression.

The user value based on the so-called

, is the website content of our real user demands, or we can bring benefits to the party, either now or in future, or, as long as the visitor demand, there are search engines recommend opportunities. If we create articles just satisfied with self appreciation or to the original and the course of no user demand based content, with the accumulation of the contents of the article, is bound to affect the search engine to the site impression, although we very hard writing planning, but are still unable to get the weight of the website promotion.

I think the original update website content, should pay attention to the contents of the user value of grafting, lose the user value basis, we may become a useless waste of network.


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