How to make the site become love Shanghai spiders love you

to the old, the new do not come

As mentioned above,

is old spider always hobby, so the website continued update is very necessary. For a long time if not updated, after so long a spider will not return, this is your snapshot would not be promoted, the content included will also stop. Therefore, we should be good for spiders, ensure updated daily original content.

want to build a good website, webmaster must understand the preferences of the spider. After all, the spider search engine is a guide, to meet the demand for it, we can get the favour of search engine. So early in the site, we must thoroughly understand the preferences of all spiders, the site made love spider, "I love you", it will often patronize "". So what are the spider’s hobby? Following on from the small to tell.

know the spider’s hobby, how do we get it "favor"? The best way is to keep the regular daily content update, but also to ensure that the content of the original degree. Because the original content of the website, its weight will be relatively high, the spider basically every day to visit "". When a spider crawling to your article, you will see the inside of the link, and then crawl to your site. So, the website format should accord with the spider’s hobby, so it will be on your website "love at first sight". Long as your site will be set up and the spiders have deep feelings, then you don’t have to worry about the spider to visit your website.


simple URL structure simplification over complex

spider execution scope is limited, it can not be content to grab each. But in general, it is more love to streamline as the standard to capture content, the content is too complicated to increase the workload of the spider, certainly won’t get it by the. So even if you are content to perfect story in more detail than to streamline, connotation. So the site, should be rational design of URL structure.

dynamic URL risk, static URL is relatively safe

is the spider’s hobby, and how to let the spider love your site. After the implementation, I believe that soon, you will have to get a good ranking in the search engine results. In fact, small and not.

has repeatedly said that although the search engine spider still will crawl on the dynamic URL, but the fact proved that dynamic URL of the spider attraction is still not as good as the static URL. Dynamic URL is in the process of spiders to crawl through the database to obtain information, this is a relatively cumbersome process. If the spider crawling careless words, may also fall into the pit and the database could not come out, this is very risky behavior of spiders. From the beginning to the end, the spider on the dynamic URL to maintain a certain distance, so we should try to choose a static URL.

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