Regional medical station how to choose keywords

two. Third party information website: this part is to choose some rankings better, best can hang business website, for example: OK, taking Chinese Internet sites such as information, keywords of these sites are usually of long tail keywords mainly. For example: Wenzhou see Department of gynaecology to which hospital, Wenzhou hospital specializing in the treatment of cervical erosion. These words because competition is not big, the third party information website weight is relatively high, so in the website information can be reached in Shanghai love home, get hit, of course, it is best to choose some keywords conversion rate.


in addition to the two, of course, the search engine promotion will inevitably comes to love Shanghai auction. Love Shanghai according to the needs of the capital budget and bidding keywords competition to develop specific marketing programs, one of the most important principle is to choose some keywords conversion rate bidding. Starting in Wenzhou: 贵族宝贝809 Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝/Article/40.aspx, please indicate the source: 贵族宝贝0577ck贵族宝贝


regional medical station how to choose keywords? Now the search engine optimization has been an important part of network marketing, I do network marketing has been for some time, I was engaged in the search engine optimization in the medical industry, of course, foreign trade network marketing also very fierce. Because a better understanding of the medical industry, today we talk about medical industry to do the optimization keywords do?


. Their website: because my city private medical industry is relatively developed, there are a lot of private medical institutions, including many but some do have andrology, gynaecology, surgery. Take gynecological, about 5, 6 hospitals, each hospital for the network marketing have invested a great deal of energy. Each hospital is set up at least 5 sites, so your site choice is the choice of keywords but bear the brunt of area, such as:


above the three departments is their website to choose.


search volume is high but the conversion rate is relatively low. Keywords: how long can be measured


Wenzhou Gynecology Hospital hospital for treatment of irregular menstruation

keyword optimization finished, to optimize the specific units such as keywords: Wenzhou


Finally, some optimization

can be told from two aspects, one is the key third party information website, there is a optimize your keywords to choose

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