And thought about the chain construction method

The chain

2. Sina, love Shanghai, Sogou blog


love Shanghai that has been difficult to link, we can change a way to answer again. For example, an article related to your site to find the subject to answer, we can answer with "love Shanghai" China to "search" is a similar statement, and publicity for their site. At the same time more for their site search weight will also help.

1. soft contribute

For example

library is love Shanghai debate have weight this problem has been discussed for a long time, I >

I don’t think too much about these products are free to register and publish articles and fast fast by the love of Shanghai included. We can according to their site theme related industry knowledge to leave your links and text description. The weight of their products is love Shanghai needless to say, in addition to Sina, Sogou site is good (and there are many blogs you test is also very good, the chain construction of a wide range of high quality ranking is of great help). And I made some Sina blog is almost the second, and in their own management more convenient.

the construction of the chain of search engine optimization importance ranking on I think other people write out, there is no need to give you that. The construction of the chain is a kind of want to make new friends thousands on thousands of, know how widely the construction of the chain. Shanghai dragon in his hard road is always infinite curiosity, why the ranking is better than me, I often analysis the website of others use webmaster tools. Once myself puzzled myself how to build the chain chain construction, originally this work is very boring. At the end of the chain construction method is also learning many others, such as open chain Baidu domain:www.xxx贵族宝贝 search can be found on the site or others site are where, and high weight can know what the chain transmission. Extensive resources and ideas can also improve their foreign chain construction, but also hope that we can continue to learn to build strong outside chain. To everybody below the chain building materials and introduces several methods better:

Journal of Shanghai dragon or promotion of technical articles to the famous Adsense website, such as A5 etc site. At the end of the article, can leave your links at the same time, many people will get a lot of reprint articles, the quality of the chain. Of course, your soft Wen is not so good by, must pay attention to the writing quality and the novel as well as the technical content and readability of the rich to pass. There will be many high weight site reproduced by, for example, Shanghai dragon network technology blog site or love Shanghai library etc.. Also found that many friends reprint articles removed links to the original or even replace your own links, hope not to do so, cherish the fruits of other hard labor.

know, love 3. love Shanghai Shanghai library, Post Bar products such as

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