A Shanghai Longfeng workers how to achieve self value promotion at work

The author thinks that

daily log is the key reflection one day to work effectively, such as the chain excel released statistics, the right of the site is down right down what is the event? What operations are detailed in the current log, data statistics such as daily website included quantity statistics, the number of chain statistics etc. have to do there.

first, Shanghai Longfeng optimization implementation plan

Shanghai dragon team workers don’t single-handed, will make you a lot more efficient, why do you think so? We look at the opposite case, the author is currently writing a person fighting in the first line, the optimization of the article, the chain and so on are their own shoulders, I deeply appreciate the single-handed is really sometimes very confused, such as the process of writing is to change the link, and the correlation is also good, write the work had to be interrupted, sometimes the website ranking dropped, can find a question with nothing, sometimes really feel very helpless, if it is a team operation, such as a small team of three people, a copy, a data analysis, a chain construction, the problem can not only explore each other, more important is to improve the site. The efficiency is the key to make up.

we do anything must set a goal for yourself, I think that is responsible for the company is not responsible for their own, website optimization objectives and strategy is on the basis of one-sided viewpoint blinders, may have to spend a lot of time and energy to achieve what we want to optimize the effect to Shanghai dragon as an example, a new station on the line after the keyword the writing and layout, station site optimization, plans to update the contents of the article, the article from how to operate and so on are a problem, have a rough idea is our implementation of the outline, and carried out in accordance with the summary of every stage of the implementation plan and is the key to make their own summary for optimization every stage of the strategy implementation, summary is not only the thoughts of the previous stage of the operation thoughts and methods to review more It is for the next stage of our work provides guidance and direction for effective strategies to maintain, to deviate from the direction of the operation in time to avoid it, it is the core and key of our operations in the execution plan of Shanghai dragon.

second team, sharing the workload of

is essential


third, create a daily log and data plan

site operation and maintenance optimization is not only a simple process to complete the daily work, more important is how to improve the efficiency of their work, I think it is worth thinking and execution of things, work is our most powerful weapon to reflect the value of the process, because we will encounter many the problem, some questions may be smoothly done or easily solved some problems may let oneself think, for a long time, I think the best way to find out constantly and solve problems is the realization of self value. The author detailed analysis and introduction.

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