Six B2C e commerce Shanghai Longfeng notes

is an electronic commerce website needs to have a large number of products and directory, while the mass of information page. Good of these pages if it can bring the search engine traffic depends on its website structure, page experience and the Shanghai dragon optimization in degree. Shanghai Longfeng optimization analysis about how to out from the site of the key word strategy, including a lot of long tail keywords and channel layout, writing home title. Good keyword strategy is to obtain a large number of long tail keywords flow


so early on keywords for effective consolidation, such as the home on the core keywords, some keywords keywords and key channel ranking were detected and recorded, according to the special or single page special Shanghai Longfeng optimization when necessary.

Liu Yucheng for a long time did not share their experience, because in the electronic commerce website whole Shanghai dragon, a very long time before there is no time to summarize. To love Shanghai Shanghai dragon who deeply felt bitter and helpless is a point, we can’t serve to concentrate on improve the analysis data of the electricity supplier website user experience and good, because the data fluctuation of love Shanghai sometimes there is no rule. I often said to the questioner: to love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, the most important is to adjust the strategy of calm; calm +. But in fact, we are willing to calm, but the top is not willing to calm, we still want the way. After so long, to share my personal point of electronic commerce in Shanghai Longfeng strategy process experience.

analysis of .The

data recording and processing of

for basic data record is the first step we have done, but it is warm up. We need to decompose the specific data more carefully, you see a website, PV 10W, IP 5W, did not prove too much, we need to analyze more dimensions, for example, the landing page out rate, the direct flow and total flow rate comparison, end-to-end ROI etc..


included, the chain, anchor text, UV, keyword ranking, you should at least pay attention to visitors, area distribution, channel flow situation, page click behavior, and to separate the flow of search and advertising flow area.

flow and natural flow to.

based data also records the main competitors.

For example: in addition to the basic A Keywords

electronic commerce website. Not immediately carry out optimization, but before recording data, data integration after the record to carry out a series of dimensions. It can be said that the data analysis and processing to do great help for future optimization. I have been very stressed, we should be good at optimizing website log, operation log, abnormal log should have to follow. Maybe you will feel a very troublesome, but later you will spare a lot of mistakes.

For data analysis.


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