Keywords site selection techniques Zoupian Jian Feng

take the essence to its dregs. Learning is certainly right, but don’t be too old, the original class does not move to follow, we must learn its essence to its dregs, to learn what they need in others, not for good, we should not go to learn, if others suffer, you suffer, like the prevailing style of the acquisition, the purchase of the chain, if someone is K, I think you will not escape.

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should not blindly follow the trend. There are many webmaster or enterprises are indeed follow the trend to follow the trend of love, there is no wrong, see others do Shanghai Longfeng, I also went to Shanghai to do the dragon, see others to love Shanghai auction, I also went to Shanghai for sex. Is always behind the others, not a good breakthrough point, has been behind the others to drink the remaining soup. This is not for a long time, what’s the big breakthrough, therefore, do not blindly follow the trend, must have their own unique point of view.

diligent. Why is it hard? For the choice of keywords is hard too? Actually want to succeed in doing any one thing, is the need to work, so the site selection of key words and hard work or have a certain relationship, a hard-working webmaster and a lazy webmaster do.

keyword statistics. Collect some more keywords, long tail keywords, if you have time to look at the website statistics to see the best every day, at least once a week, analyze the keyword of the website source. The statistical data of the CNZZ inside source statistics website keywords. A few days to collect this keyword, then a month, a year. After a long time, you should have accumulated a lot of keywords, the first key words and these words that we should choose the keywords.

on selection techniques, perhaps you will see many versions, a variety of skills, I recommend here is Zoupian Jian feng. From a Smith Barney advertising "Metersbonwe, do not take the unusual way, this is the keyword of the website, we do not should not have the spirit of" bright sword ", but" money to spend wisely, not indiscriminately to follow suit, to follow suit is not wrong, but always walk behind others, and if if others strength than your strength, others eat meat, you can drink boiling water in the back.

website is one of the main basis of the website rankings, you know when you search for love in Shanghai, the search engine will not give a result of the forum for you, is certainly the keyword search site keywords and users closer, the higher the weight of the site will be in the front row, of course, there are those cheating, but that is only temporary, here we do not advocate.

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