How to set the link bait to get outside the chain of high quality


on the site outside the chain, qianyun Shanghai dragon I think, according to the behavior can be divided into two categories, namely Shanghai dragon er or webmaster to another construction site outside the chain, there is the active use of external links to your site. What is the link bait? Linkbait (Link Baiting) is refers to the content or resources, attract external link behavior. Note that the linkbait sounds like a derogatory term, but in fact it is best to prevent the construction of the external links a completely rational, search engine and users are acceptable. The following will introduce several methods to make more effective link bait:



SNS, so that we can be good to establish external links, and the sharing function is a function of many SNS functions, it is most likely to let you accept, let everybody see a functional effect of external links. As we have seen in the news, many video websites, such as the 1. Sina News and other news websites to share 2. potatoes, Youku and other video websites to share 3. Blog websites to share function. If you love or watches the news, video or blogs can share to recommend to their friends, as follows:

now the popularity of social network to an article by the author agrees that used by many people, such as dry a few days before the post "how to keep browsing with the title, enhance the effect of Shanghai dragon" or "what can save you, my article, my original content", many sites have copied too, but I didn’t do these qianyun linkbait, so no from where words.

two, copy function forced linkbait

, a sharing function application of

in their own website and some valuable, attractive or attractive resources, visitors love, will be reproduced to their own blog, to facilitate future reading, and the time will be reproduced in the text of the link to the past. For example, some industry report, useful tools etc.. This is also reflected in the A5 Adsense nets, as follows:

type link bait lureWe should learn to release



The rise of


qianyun Shanghai dragon mentioned here refers to the copy, we copy and then forwarded to the current page link will automatically appear in the bottom or middle copy.

of course there are some activities like temptation links, reprint articles sent to QB, or send the physical lottery >

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