Novice to edit Shanghai dragon in the industry long on how to do it

In fact,

2 do stand optimization, make the long tail keywords writing key. The station optimization is one of the important work we edit, but this step is often the most time-consuming, so novice editor when just touch yourself this work, can do the anchor text construction or long tail keywords focus, give yourself a little reminder, know what to do with that word, increase the work efficiency.

Shanghai Longfeng editor is not like we imagined, timing quantitative writing, to the end of the kind of money, the industry also needs the understanding and thinking of everyone, is also an editor, it is possible to do fast, you can slowly down. Now went to the graduation season, I believe there will be a number of new blood to their team. Here to share for the point of view of the industry, the hope can give you some guidance.

(4) keyword density should be controlled in 3-5, according to the specific circumstances to determine their own article length.

(3) in the middle of naturally occurring keywords, can not be applied mechanically, if it is not easy to add your keywords, then at the end of writing such as "original" by XX words.

(2) because of falling in love with the first paragraph of the article is the value of the sea has always been, so when the editor to write the article, in the first paragraph and the last paragraph should appear keywords

(1) title must appear to the optimization of the key


(5) to the first keyword optimization.

although he now has several good websites, but their work is still a Shanghai dragon editor, said their own work, liquidity is indeed great, because the editor of this line of graduates more, but for a long time and few, many times were not challenging or development work the potential not defeated, but why is it really? I think it is the points we did not seize the Shanghai dragon edition, makes their work very passive, and thus the future money is slim, so many friends chose to leave.

1 index list, make work well ordered. This is a lot of novice editors just join the least attention, always think editing is written, this understanding is one-sided, like when we go to school time, every day schedule, so to do editing, we want to own recently to write articles or write a plan for example, "article classification" and "article" the name "address" "articles derived from the anchor text and address", which is conducive to efficient work, also can let us to work for access.

3 said is all some preparatory work, the writing of the article is the focus of the work of the editors, of course the editor to write articles and do not want to what what to write, there is also some key points in writing:

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