How to optimize the layout and picture station chain set

(2), set inside chain picture stand, only some of the anchor text pictures without a huge waste of the right picture, he meets the needs of the user does not meet the search engine body.

(1) anchor text keywords within the chain of the wrong strategy, many wedding photography station did not do long tail keywords. Basically is a self created keyword. These sites in the picture below is the text, lewd men and women in those years we loved the girl, there’s only love Wall Street and a picture link without text links. This is not a waste of voting rights? Even if you put these keywords on your site and what relationship, people come in is to look at your price and not to see the film works. You can look at the recommended links Taobao is generally a product picture and text links at the bottom. These sites both blindly create his own words never consider the search engine not to mention the user experience.

two, website.

find information on the net today to see a wedding photography website, inadvertently his ranking relatively large fluctuations. After 10 minutes of analysis found that he has a fatal flaw, even if he did the first two days fell because of his wedding photography made the station. We stand in the user’s point of view to think, what is the customer search wedding photography needs? Of course is to look at the price and the case is now, few users view your article? Within the chain and so today to talk about the site within the chain, the right set good website can let you have a place to live in long term site in the network on.

wedding photography station to add links in the picture and to add their own company in the picture watermark that can prevent piracy but also for their own publicity. Don’t stand wedding photography in the text under the big picture in the effort to do enough to attract the eye. A link in the text may not have a few people to click, if add links in the picture, the user will click to see this picture. This one and a similar meaning but on the contrary, with the anchor text must add a picture.

Control of The chain operating errors of

, a chain of internal control.

chain to which we need to set the number of control is within the chain? I speak mainly within the page’s control, many people don’t understand every station within the chain to do much in the chain, how many chain suitable what kind of station? We need to weigh these. Do Shanghai dragon to clear each industry station should do much in the chain, in fact is not a standard to be made according to the specific content and quality of the website. If you must provide an anchor text link address to provide pictures. Some people will ask to do within the chain is not repeated? In fact, spiders are difficult to read the content of the picture. ALT only comment function is not the function of voting. There are pictures without words is the biggest mistake.

Strategy of

two, the chain set, we must first meet the user to meet the search engine.


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