How to make the dream of Shanghai dragon love Shanghai website snapshot update every day

second, the chain spider. Webmaster friends will go to the forum, blog, classification of information, ask some high weight website to stay outside the chain, the purpose is to follow the spiders can leave the chain to grab their information website. However, I would like to remind the hair of the chain should pay attention to, such as a forum to try to return to his new post, multiple theme stickers.


fourth, love Shanghai snapshot complaints center. Love is love Shanghai Shanghai snapshot complaints Center for website search snapshot artificial processing means, such as the website snapshot backward, website snapshot error, website snapshot, snapshot problem can be solved by the complaint.

!Of course, the first is the original

Hello, I am Shanghai dream dragon. In A5 many Shanghai dragon friends love to share their dry cargo, although I am a half a bucket of water, I think the share of dry cargo! I have many webmaster friends all know dry cargo, but the emphasis on participation, we the people in this industry are the hope for the development of the industry better, more development and growth! Love Shanghai website a snapshot is the majority of owners are very concerned about the topic, the website weight is updated every day snapshot started up, the site weight up, the owners have been expecting for a long time the ranking is not far away. However, even so many snapshot backward correction stationmaster friend is very distressed, there is no way to love Shanghai website snapshot update every day? I believe that, below I talk about some ideas I used

. We all know that search engines love original things, especially the love of Shanghai is more emphasis on originality, originality is website snapshot update is an important standard. This is my personal view, there are a lot of Shanghai dragon friends said early is such that the website weight up, what what, if not the original love also included Shanghai. I didn’t feel, because I most optimization of the station is new sites, weight is slowly, and as for the degree of predecessors said, my estimate is not stand.

third, take the initiative to submit updates within the page and the article page to the search engine. This is many webmaster said so easily by K, the last time a friend told me that the site is not included snapshot not update how to do, I ask him to submit pages, he said it would be in love with the sea K. Of course that webmaster friends hope is practical, not alarmist. Shanghai dragon is a practical process, "this is a fine tradition of Chinese following the crowd of people, but not necessarily good. Sometimes the Shanghai dragon should dare and others do not dare to do their own practice to know the results of

fifth, to love the Shanghai Union for advertising, the love of spiders in Shanghai. Love Shanghai has been on their own things very seriously, give yourself some of the website or product good rankings, the Shanghai spiders will love as can be imagined, who is near here! I want to say is a friend in a group where I say, love for the Shanghai union advertising alliance. This method I practice, I have a station snapshot of August, I deliberately went to the Shanghai alliance advertising alliance for love. >

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