Love is actually a big update Shanghai webmaster better opportunities


1, if the new station, please be sure to reinforce the foundation of


specification to do all kinds of labels, inside and outside chain etc.Bad

recently love Shanghai big update, on many websites are right down, or even directly K off, let the webmaster sad, so we will update the June 28th love Shanghai known as the "628 incident", but I think this is not updated from 28 began, first look at the people see in a the famous Forum webmaster discussion severity of this event.

I think of a small website in the storm is still standing, or even better, because the foundation is very solid, spent a lot of time every little bit train together, in general it should always "website user experience and practical value" as the theme to do. So for the love of Shanghai after the big update, I think in the future to survive in a similar update in the earthquake, the webmaster to pay attention to the following aspects:

mainly talk about the optimization of title tag: I believe that a lot of Shanghai Longfeng Er early discovered N multi site title ‘optimization flood’ situation, why this? Because the column weight is much higher than ordinary articles, so we all make a fuss in the title tag column page, careful people will find even if there is serious, keywords accumulation phenomenon also never mind, even can quickly get good rankings. Why love Shanghai for such as "keyword >

careful people will find many webmaster for the love of Shanghai update is unsatisfactory, or find reasons, only a few are looking for reasons, and I have to remind you of Shanghai dragon Er, don’t forget to do the Shanghai dragon should at least have calm, patience and other basic psychological quality. To tell the truth I love for the Shanghai’s move to applaud, because love Shanghai in efforts to remove the Internet garbage, in the effort to improve the user experience. Why? Because I had handled a station after the big update, not only did not drop right or be K, but the data tends to be stable, even has greatly improved, to testify.

Shanghai dragon must know the site at the beginning of the stage, to do a lot of things, such as the quality and frequency of updates, the chain, the layout of key words carefully, but who to truly love Shanghai? On the new assessment for 3-6 months, we truly adhere to every day conscientious pursuit of quality and how many people? But I have to say I really almost do this, but was less than 3 months to get a lot of good rankings, although these may be partly due to the love of Shanghai to the new reward, but I firmly believe that adhere to the high quality content is not bad, the "628 incident" has been well validated.


2, the optimization of

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